The construction of a Hard Rock hotel in another state recently came to a devastating and tragic standstill as the framework of the building suddenly gave way and collapsed, leaving the building partially imploded.

The accident left at least three people dead, including at least one construction worker. Several others, including workers, were injured, many of them quite seriously. One worker, who broke his leg, said that he had to be rescued after getting buried under a pile of debris.

Now, recent information has come to light suggesting that the building had been unstable days before its collapse. Specifically, a video emerged of one of the construction workers saying that he noticed a slab of concrete was showing its age and that some of the support beams were bending.

An investigation of the accident is continuing and will likely take several months to complete. In the meantime, workers are busily trying to secure two cranes that are now in a precarious position after the collapse and are also figuring out what to do with the part of the building that remains standing.

Although this accident happened in another state, the injured construction workers will likely need to pursue the same legal options as they would had this accident happened in New York. For instance, they will likely want to start pursuing financial support by filing for workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits can pay for things like medical bills and a portion of lost wages. Families of deceased workers can also get benefits through the workers’ compensation program.

Additionally, given the first reports of this accident, the injured workers, or their families, may have additional options by pursuing those responsible for the accident via a personal injury or wrongful death actions.