Sometimes individuals in New City are accused of the crime of burglary, but it can be difficult to discern what this crime really means. In the end, there are numerous instances that could be construed as a burglary. However, one should not paint with a broad brush and accuse individuals of burglary when in fact that person did not commit any illegal acts.

Police in Clarkstown are looking for an individual they think committed a burglary. The reported incident took place at Keepers Self-Storage. A video camera reportedly recorded an individual using a propane torch and a bolt cutter to get into three different storage units. The video recording also seems to depict the individual taking away a large trash bag. There is no information regarding what the bag may have contained, or what the alleged unknown contents of it could be valued at.

According to police, the individual walked away from the storage units and entered the woods on the western portion of Keepers Self-Storage. They are still on the look out for the individual they believe may have committed the alleged crime.

As this shows, individuals can be accused of burglary even if no violence occurs. Unfortunately, even mere accusations of burglary can have far reaching consequences. No one wants to be construed as a criminal. After all, if one is alleged to be a burglar, his or her reputation could be ruined, even he or she didn’t commit a crime. If one is wrongfully accused of committing burglary, he or she should make sure he or she seeks the right help to defend against such criminal charges.

Source: New City Patch, Police Seek Help IDing Suspect from Self-Storage Burglary