A strong criminal defense may be able to minimize the harm criminal charges and accusations can bring. Two CNN news reporters will have charges against them dismissed after allegedly trespassing at the World Trade Center site. The two were accused of trespassing at the World Trade Center site while reporting on security lapses at the site. One of the producers will have the misdemeanor charges against him dismissed, provided he completes two days of community service. The charges against the other producer were dropped, as he only recorded video at the site during the alleged incident.

An effective criminal defense can sometimes help avoid long-term consequences when facing criminal charges and allegations. Criminal charges can be frightening and perhaps overwhelming. Because a criminal conviction can result in serious penalties, it is important that those facing criminal charges understand that they have the right to defend against those charges and accusations.

A strong criminal defense strategy can challenge evidence against the accused party. This can include challenging police procedure, witness statements or physical evidence that is being used against the accused. Oftentimes these strategies can be used to effectively reduce or eliminate charges. When facing criminal charges, it can be essential to timely begin preparing a defense as soon as possible.

A criminal conviction can threaten both the freedom and future of an accused party and can carry with it far-reaching consequences. Proper advocacy to defend against criminal charges before a conviction results can be critical to preserving the freedom and future of the accused party.

Source: NBC New York, CNN Producers Having Trespassing Charges Dismissed