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Types of eye injuries

No matter the type of occupation one holds, there are still several hazards present in the workplace. Many of those may end up causing a serious eye injury. Understandably, workers in New York and around the nation will want to know what those hazards and injuries are. The following includes a list of some of the most common eye injuries one could get in the workplace.When people think about chemical eye burns, they usually think about a busy warehouse. However, chemical eye burns can occur within any industry; even chemicals in cleaning products are enough to cause injury. Because of this, an employee may be able to seek workers' comp for their injuries.Those working in the manufacturing industry are at the highest risk of having an eye injury caused by [...]

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Understanding LOTO violations

Lockout/tag-out procedures, known as LOTO, have saved thousands of lives since OSHA demanded that New York businesses follow them. However, OSHA has also reported that one of the most common violations seen includes a lack of LOTO implementation. In fact, in 2019, LOTO violations were the fourth leading issues found within businesses. How can a business properly practice safe and accurate LOTO procedures?One of the most common reasons for employees filing for workers' comp benefits is due to an injury caused by a factory machine. LOTO demands that a business train its employees to understand how to shut down properly and start up the machinery. It is this lack of training that is often the cause of violation notices being sent out to companies.In staying within the area of machinery, [...]

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Workers’ compensation Q and A

Most New Yorkers who get hurt while on the job know that they may not have to cover their losses on their own, but they may not be sure how to access the benefits available to them. Workers' compensation seems like it should be a pretty straightforward thing to navigate, but the truth is that it is anything but simple. Here are a few common questions people tend to have when wanting to pursue workers' comp benefits.Question number one: What and who does workers' compensation cover? The vast majority of employers in the state of New York are required to have workers' comp insurance. This insurance can cover all types of work-related injuries and illnesses regardless of their severity. It can even offer death benefits to families of those who [...]

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Injured kitchen workers may file for workers’ compensation

A recent study was released about a specific hazard kitchen workers in New York face every day. While numerous types of accidents can result in these employees suffering injuries, this study specifically went into detail about exposure to intense heat levels. Just as those who work outdoors may suffer heat-related illnesses or injuries, so can those who work indoors. When such illnesses or injuries occur, workers' compensation claims may be filed to seek relief for any resulting losses.Researchers at City University of New York's Graduate School of Public Health & Health Policy examined the effects of excessive heat on public school kitchen workers in particular. Their findings can be applied to similar work in other settings, however. When conducting the study, the researchers looked at the effects of light, moderate [...]

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Recent construction accident results in injuries and death

Construction sites are dangerous; that isn't exactly news. However, with the various safety measures that are supposed to be in place, it is incredible how many construction workers in New York and elsewhere still suffer injury or death due to worksite accidents every year. Most recently, several people were injured, and at least one was killed after a construction accident occurred at the Morgan General postal building.According to reports, two construction workers were riding an elevator in the building when a fire extinguisher exploded. Both victims were transported to area hospitals with critical injuries. One victim - a 35-year-old male - failed to survive. The other victim - a 26-year-old - lost an arm in the incident. This individual's current condition is unknown.Three other people suffered injuries as a result [...]

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Wondering how workers’ compensation works in New York?

Every year, numerous New York residents get hurt while on the job. Has it happened to you? If so, are you wondering how workers' compensation works? You are not alone if you are. Many people know this benefit exists, but they are unsure of how to access it.After suffering a workplace injury, getting medical assistance right away is critical. Even if you think the injury may not be severe, there is nothing wrong with seeking medical advice and, if needed, treatment. After getting the initial care that you need, it is time to report the injury to your employer. Do not wait to do this. You only have a small window of time to file this report.After reporting your injury, it is time to file a workers' compensation claim. Your [...]

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Workers’ compensation and the coronavirus

Millions of New Yorkers leave the comfort of their homes every single day to head off to work. Many of them have jobs where they are exposed to large groups of people, such as those who work in education or retail, while others have careers in health care where they are frequently exposed to people who are ill. Right now, a big concern for all of these individuals is the coronavirus. Several cases have been reported in the state so far, and more are expected. Will those who catch the virus while on the job be able to collect workers' compensation benefits?The coronavirus is making headlines daily. So many people are worried about it. It is a scary thing, so their fears are understandable. Unfortunately, there is so much still [...]

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Is a legal claim possible when claiming workers’ compensation?

Workers in the neighborhoods of New York City, or the Rockland County suburbs for that matter, may get hurt in a car accident or some other accident that is not the responsibility of either the worker or the worker's employer. For instance, if someone is driving for her employer while on the clock and gets hit by a negligent driver, she may have a valid legal claim against the driver. Nevertheless, because she was on the clock and doing work for her employer, she also likely has a viable workers' compensation claim.The good news is that a person can file a claim for workers' compensation benefits. Whether doing so is the best choice depends on individual circumstances, but filing a workers' compensation claim frequently is a good means of making [...]

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Major parcel carrier accused of concealing work comp claims

Suffering an injury in the workplace is an unexpected event. However, these incidents can occur rather frequently, sometimes resulting in an employee requiring much medical attention and care, as well as time from work for recovery.United Parcel Service, known for its brown UPS trucks and logos, is facing accusations that it has been trying to hide the frequency and extent of workplace injuries that its employees suffer. This is perhaps in a bid to keep workers' compensation costs low, since these costs depend heavily on the number and severity of claims.To give one example, a worker fell off of a loading dock and suffered obvious broken bones in multiple locations. However, instead of calling for an ambulance, managers had the person's colleagues load him on one of the business's carts [...]

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Benefits may be available after knee and leg injuries

Many people in the New York area rely on their legs and knees in order to make a living. Construction workers, those who work in industry and others who have to do lifting need their knees and legs to stay healthy.For that matter, even those with jobs that require a lot of moving around, like work in the medical profession, law enforcement or even education, have to rely on their legs and knees.Lots of professions can gradually wear down a New York worker's knees. Injuries due to job-related wear and tear, strains, and other painful medical issues can develop over time when a worker is expected to use their legs a lot. This is true even when a worker exercises reasonable care, takes care of herself and follows workplace rules.In [...]

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