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Six common causes of car accidents

In 2016, more than 40,000 people died in car accidents around the country. Traffic fatalities are on the rise, so New York drivers might be more likely to be involved in a deadly motor vehicle accident than in previous years. Many crashes have a few common causes. For example, drivers drifting out of their lanes causes up to one-third of all motor vehicle accidents.Between 23 and 30 percent of accidents involve one car rear-ending another. This often happens because one driver is following another car too closely. Driving while sleepy accounts for 21 percent of deadly car accidents and 7 percent of all crashes. Experts say people do a poor job of gauging how tired they are before getting behind the wheel.About 12 percent of crashes happen because a person [...]

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Study finds ADHD medication lowers car crash risk

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is common among children, adolescents and young adults; its characteristics include short attention spans, impulsivity and hyperactive behavior such as excessive talking and fidgeting. When people with ADHD get behind the wheel, they might endanger others because of their tendency to drive distracted. Residents of New York should know that a study has been published in JAMA Psychiatry showing what the risks are and how they might be alleviated.Analyzing the health insurance claims for 2005 through 2014, researchers identified over 2.3 million Americans 18 and over with ADHD. More than 1.9 million of them received a prescription for ADHD medication at one time or another.Researchers then tallied the number of times these drivers went to the emergency room after a car accident. After comparing the number [...]

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The most likely places for vehicle accidents

Drivers in New York should know that there is no failsafe way to avoid getting in a motor vehicle accident. However, there is data that shows such accidents are more likely to occur at certain times and places.While road trips present their own share of accident risks, drivers are more likely to get into an accident near their homes. In fact, motor vehicle accidents tend to occur no more than 25 miles from a driver's home. Factors such as the relaxation one experiences when driving in their neighborhood have a significant role in the accidents.Driving through familiar areas can result in drivers using their muscle memory rather than their active driving skills, which would make them less inclined to be on guard while driving. One example of this is drivers [...]

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Most drivers believe texting while driving should be illegal

New York drivers may be interested to learn that, although the majority believe that distracted driving should be illegal, about one-third are still confident in their abilities to multitask while behind the wheel. According to a study by Progressive Insurance, there was a major difference in confidence levels between drivers of different ages and drivers of different genders.The study found that 64 percent of those between the ages of 18 and 34 believed that using smartphones for either texting while driving or surfing the net was a common cause of accidents. Even so, 62 percent of the drivers in this age group were confident in their ability to text and drive. Comparatively, only 6 percent of drivers who were 55 or older were confident in their skills to text and [...]

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Driving safely in the fall

Readers from the New York area may have some understandable concerns about driving in the fall. While fall can indeed be a beautiful time of year, there are also a number of potential hazards associated with the season that are worth knowing more about. Recognizing some of these challenges in advance is an important part of ensuring one's safety on the roads.Weather conditions can be highly irregular in the fall, and rapidly changing temperatures can have a negative impact on tire pressure levels. For this reason, it's important to routinely monitor one's tires to avoid incurring unnecessary damage. In addition, frost may create slippery conditions that necessitate more cautious driving than usual. Being more careful when slowing for traffic lights and perhaps even leaving home a little earlier can be [...]

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How collision avoidance systems reduce injuries

Collision avoidance systems reduce the risk of injury accidents, but too few vehicles have them installed. These were among the findings of several different studies that examined 2015 data. Some of the drivers in New York and throughout the country who do have lane departure warning systems and blind spots alerts might also be turning off the alerts if they come in the form of a beep, which annoys some drivers, instead of a seat vibration.The vice president for research at the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety examined data on cars with the safety systems installed and looked at more than 5,000 accidents. She found that in vehicles that had the safety systems, there were 11 percent fewer single-vehicle accidents or accidents caused by side swipes or head-on collisions. Injury [...]

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Younger drivers more dangerous on the road

Millennials in New York might be less safe on the road than drivers in other age groups. Almost 90 percent of millennial drivers admitted to driving dangerously, according to a survey by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. For example, almost twice as many millennials confessed to texting or sending emails while behind the wheel compared to other age groups.More than twice as many millennials said they thought it was acceptable to drive more than 10 miles per hour above the speed limit in a school zone compared to 5 percent of people in other age groups. While just over one-third of drivers said they thought it was acceptable to run through a red light when they could have stopped, almost half of millennials said the same.The study also found [...]

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Safety features could help older drivers

Smart cars that apply the brakes to avoid imminent collisions, steer away from trouble and detect oncoming traffic could soon allow older drivers to travel safer. Many New York motorists know that some vehicles are already being equipped with safety technology, but these are mainly features of expensive models. With additional revolutionary tech expected in just a few years, some of these safety features are anticipated to become standard in all vehicles soon, which may make them more accessible to everyone.In 2016, early Baby Boomers are turning 70 years old as car makers reveal new safety technology. The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that almost 54 million U.S. residents will be 70 and older by 2030. Based on current driving trends, roughly 80 percent of them are estimated to have licenses, [...]

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3 New Yorkers killed in early morning crash

A high-speed crash on a major New York highway claimed the lives of three people and left as many as 11 others injured during the early morning hours of Aug. 31. The multi-vehicle accident took place on the eastbound lanes of the Long Island Expressway in Queens at approximately 4:20 a.m. Police diverted eastbound traffic for more than four hours as paramedics, firefighters and accident investigators went about their work, and delays soon stretched from Maurice Avenue to the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.According to the NYPD, excessive speed was likely the cause of the fatal crash. Officers say that a 25-year-old Oakdale Gardens man was speeding when he lost control of his Infiniti in the vicinity of Maurice Avenue. The Infiniti struck a guardrail before its driver was able to regain control, [...]

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American fatal car accident rate higher than many other nations

Statistics recorded in New York state and across America have shown that, though car death rates are decreasing, America still has more car crashes deaths per capita than 19 other wealthy countries. Of the 20 countries surveyed, all had a car accident fatality rate that was decreasing more quickly than America's.In 2013, an average of about 90 people were killed in car crashes daily in the United States. This rate is 31% lower than it had been in the year 2000.This data was part of the reports on car accident fatalities collected in twenty wealthy nations. The information was then analyzed and the countries were compared. It was found that over the same period of time these nations reduced their car fatality rate by an average of 56%. America's rate [...]

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