Many people in the New York area rely on their legs and knees in order to make a living. Construction workers, those who work in industry and others who have to do lifting need their knees and legs to stay healthy.

For that matter, even those with jobs that require a lot of moving around, like work in the medical profession, law enforcement or even education, have to rely on their legs and knees.

Lots of professions can gradually wear down a New York worker’s knees. Injuries due to job-related wear and tear, strains, and other painful medical issues can develop over time when a worker is expected to use their legs a lot. This is true even when a worker exercises reasonable care, takes care of herself and follows workplace rules.

In other cases, a one-time accident can lead to a broken kneecap, a torn ligament or some other serious injury that may require surgery and a lengthy recovery time.

Even with good health insurance benefits, a worker will likely need some assistance with medical bills following a knee injury. Likewise, he will need some source of income to support himself while he is sidelined from work and trying to recover.

Unfortunately, getting workers’ compensation benefits in these circumstances is not always easy. Employers and their insurance carriers may, for instance, argue that the knee injury is not really work-related but just the result of aging or activity outside of work. In other cases, a worker may face a general unwillingness for an employer to pay her what she is owed.

In light of this, many victims of work-related knee injuries have entrusted their cases to our law office. With over 30 years of experience representing injured workers, we have a reputation for advocating for the needs of workers trying to obtain benefits.