By 2022, New York car buyers should be able to purchase one with an automatic braking system installed. This is the result of an agreement entered into by manufacturers of nearly all light vehicles sold in the United States and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to have such technology be standard equipment. One former administrator of the NHTSA says that the agreement is unsatisfactory and there should be legally binding rules in place instead, but the current administrator says that those rules would take eight years or longer to implement.

Automakers including Toyota, Ford and General Motors are part of the agreement that experts agree will save lives and cut down on as many as 1 million accidents each year. With around 5 million accidents annually, this is a reduction of 20 percent.

The automatic braking systems work by responding when a driver does not brake or when the driver brakes with too little power. Because most rear-end collisions happen due to a driver’s inattention, it is estimated that the frequency of injuries and deaths associated with these types of accidents will be significantly reduced.

Human error is often a factor in car crashes, and a person who is injured in one may find that the responsible driver’s insurance company is reluctant to offer reasonable compensation that takes care of medical expenses and other losses. In the case of serious injuries, the victim may miss a great deal of work or be unable to return to work at all. As a result, it may be advisable to meet with an attorney and discuss the possibility of filing a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent motorist.