A bicyclist was injured in a recent accident and remains hospitalized. The auto accident left him with critical injuries that he endured as a result of a collision with an SUV. New York authorities are still investigating the crash and what may have contributed to the collision.

Reportedly, a man was traveling on his bike and was headed in the eastbound direction on a recent Saturday afternoon. The driver of a Chevy SUV was trying to make a left-hand turn onto a street when the collision occurred. The driver did not sustain any injuries and remained at the scene with authorities. However, the bicycle rider was taken to the hospital and is listed in critical condition.

Authorities are still continuing to investigate this matter and are asking the public for any information that would assist them. It is not known if either party was issued a citation in relation to this incident. No other details regarding this matter have been reported.

An auto accident is usually a burdensome experience for many victims to go through. This is especially true for victims who have been left with critical injuries. It is likely that the bicyclist has experienced a huge amount of pain and suffering and has faced financial burdens from lost wages. Depending on the outcome of this continuing investigation, the bicyclist who suffered injury may wish to file a personal injury suit against the driver of the SUV. The civil court system in New York typically adjudicates these types of claims and may award financial compensation if the driver is found to be liable for injuries and the liability was a result of negligent conduct.

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