A recent routine trip to a gas station turned into a fiery explosion. A motorist was allegedly experiencing a diabetic shock when he crashed into a pump and another vehicle at a New York gas station. After the auto accident, an officer was able to rescue the driver just moments before the vehicle exploded.

Reportedly, an officer was in the midst of pumping gas when, all of a sudden, he observed a vehicle come into the parking lot at an excessive rate of speed. Afterward, the driver crashed into an Acura sedan and then into a gas pump. The pump reportedly fell and landed on top of the officer who ended up on the ground. Fortunately, the officer was able to escape from underneath the pump and rendered aid to the motorist.

Reportedly, the driver may have been in a diabetic shock at the time of the crash. The officer pulled the man from the vehicle right before the area exploded. Both men and another individual were transported to the hospital for treatment, but the exact details of their conditions have not been reported.

An auto accident can be a horrifying experience for New York victims, regardless of circumstances. Car crash victims may experience physical pain and mental suffering along with financial loss from lost wages. Depending on the outcome of this investigation, the driver may have to respond to traffic-related citations as well as civil claims filed by the injured victims. The victims may wish to pursue personal injury claims for the recovery of financial damages suffered in the car crash. Successful claims establish that the driver negligently caused the accident, resulting in the injuries.

Source: ktvu.com, Dramatic rescue in fiery New York gas station crash”