The start of a Friday morning ended with a catastrophic outcome. An auto accident occurred on our New York roadways involving a truck slamming into a deli. The incident caused injuries to at least 6 people.

Employees at a family-run deli were working the graveyard shift. According to reports, the accident ensued when a driver ran a red light. The driver of a recycling truck swerved in an attempt to avoid the vehicle, and afterward, the truck crashed into the deli, causing an extensive amount of damage. Workers, who were behind the cash register, were fortunately on the opposite side from where the collision occurred. A family member of the business happened to be sleeping upstairs and was awakened when the building started to shake.

Rescue crews arrived at the scene and transported the victims to the hospital. Two of the injured were drivers and were treated for injuries that are considered to be non-life-threatening. No other information about this incident has been reported, and it’s not known if either of the drivers was issued traffic-related citations.

An auto accident can result in physical and financial burdens on anyone injured. Physically, the victims may experience pain and suffering, and financially, they may not be able to work. A victim of a car accident may be able to recover damages deemed appropriate under our personal injury laws, such as medical bills and lost wages. The civil court system in New York typically adjudicates these types of claims and awards monetary compensation, if the victims are able to prove that the negligence of another party was a causal or contributing factor to injuries.

Source:, 6 People Injured in Bed-Stuy Deli Crash”