When people are accused of a crime, they frequently face a large variety of criminal charges. Police and prosecutors may try to throw the book at” people who have been suspected of criminal behavior and hope that something sticks. This can be challenging for the individuals who are facing these situations. They may be overwhelmed

A group of individuals in New York are facing a variety of criminal charges following a recent incident. According to the allegations, police were called after a man left a local store with suspected shoplifted goods. As the man was running from the store, some of the bags he was carrying broke, scattering the goods in the store’s parking lot. The rest of the goods were apparently delivered to a car waiting nearby.

Police eventually caught up to the car and claimed that it smelled like burnt marijuana. According to police, a search of the car eventually revealed a bag of marijuana and stolen credit cards. The man who was running on foot was also tracked down and searched. Police say he was also in possession of other people’s credit cards. Reports claim that this man took more than $3,000 in goods from the store.

The three New York men are now facing a variety of criminal charges related to the suspected theft. These charges include credit card theft, receiving stolen property, shoplifting, conspiracy charges and drug charges.

People who are facing theft charges, like these men, have many criminal defense options. People should make sure they understand their legal options before agreeing to anything with police officers or prosecutors.

Source: Daily Record, Failed shoplifting in Hackettstown leads to drug charges