Super Bowl Sunday has come and gone, but for some New Yorkers, the consequences of that day live on. Every year following the game, numerous individuals are stopped and arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. DUI charges, whether they come as a first offense or are one of many, can have significant consequences if one is convicted. As such, those who have recently found themselves facing DUI charges may wish to seek assistance fighting those charges as soon as possible.

According to a recent report, police in New York stepped up their game on Super Bowl Sunday and had more officers out on patrol, specifically looking for drunk drivers. Why? It is one of the biggest drinking days of the year, beat out only by New Year’s Eve. Last year, 139 people were arrested for driving while impaired following the Super Bowl in New York, and nearly 8,000 people were ticketed for this and other traffic violations.

If convicted on a DUI charge, the penalties can be on the extreme side – years behind bars and hefty fines. It is not just those driving while impaired who may find themselves in trouble. Restaurants and bars that over-serve could face various consequences, as could hosts of private parties.

A DUI is not something to brush off. It is a big deal, and those facing DUI charges would be wise to treat it as such. The sooner one acts to address the charges, the better. With the assistance of counsel, New Yorkers charged with impaired driving following this year’s big game can work toward fighting the charges and seeking the best outcome possible.