New York is known for its exhilarating nightlife and award-winning restaurants. Tourists and residents alike enjoy weekends of sightseeing and barhopping. Unfortunately, the good times can abruptly come to an end when an officer pulls you over. A drunk driving arrest or charge could put a damper on weekend plans, and the consequences don’t end there.

It’s incredibly important to drop all hesitations and call an attorney. Waiting to seek legal assistance could result in harsher penalties.

Risk of losing your driver’s license

It’s vital you call an attorney at your earliest convenience if you are facing a DWI charge. There’s a lot at risk, which includes freedom and privileges, such as driving. Sometimes charged individuals need to go through an administrative license hearing, in which they might lose their driver’s license.

People with criminal charges may also deal with harsher penalties, such as increased fines, jail time and other consequences associated with a felony. An experienced attorney is needed for adequate defense.

An attorney should handle talking to the police

As mentioned before, you should secure legal representation immediately. Additionally, you should speak with your attorney right after an arrest. They will record facts and evidence that might help your case.

The legal process is complex and can be scary at times. Law enforcement will be asking a lot of questions, so you will want your attorney there to guide you. They can explain your options and give you important legal advice.