Statistics recorded in New York state and across America have shown that, though car death rates are decreasing, America still has more car crashes deaths per capita than 19 other wealthy countries. Of the 20 countries surveyed, all had a car accident fatality rate that was decreasing more quickly than America’s.

In 2013, an average of about 90 people were killed in car crashes daily in the United States. This rate is 31% lower than it had been in the year 2000.

This data was part of the reports on car accident fatalities collected in twenty wealthy nations. The information was then analyzed and the countries were compared. It was found that over the same period of time these nations reduced their car fatality rate by an average of 56%. America’s rate of reduction was the lowest of all twenty nations. Analysts estimate that if America had brought their fatality rate down more in line with these other nations, then about 18,000 deaths could have been prevented.

People who have been injured in a car accident that was not their fault might experience some difficulty in obtaining full compensation from the responsible parties. Perhaps they might deny their liability, refuse to pay full compensation or dispute some part of the redress requested. Personal injury attorneys may be helpful in assisting their clients by preparing a civil suit that sets forth their clients’ expectations for compensation, presents the reasons why the defendant bears liability, and demands that they provide full payment or face penalties before the law.