Gynecological cancers can be a major health concern for women in New York and across the country. These types of cancers are somewhat rare, but they can be particularly frightening because of their impact on the female reproductive system. In addition, these types of cancers often require specialized treatment from an oncologist rather than a general obstetrician/gynecologist.

Endometrial cancer, which affects the lining of the uterus, is one of the most common gynecological cancers. It also has an excellent rate of successful treatment, with 80 to 90 percent of women becoming cancer-free. This strong rate of survival and remission is connected to its frequent early detection. Because endometrial cancer causes abnormal and unwanted bleeding, usually after menopause, the signs of this cancer often send women to the doctor. There are also several tests that can identify the presence of endometrial cancer.

On the other hand, ovarian cancer is rare yet deadly. Each year, there are around 20,000 cases diagnosed in the United States. Around 70 percent of ovarian cancer cases are diagnosed once they have already reached an advanced stage. While ovarian cancer is 95 percent treatable at early stages, it can be extremely difficult to treat successfully once the cancer has already grown and spread. In some cases, women with ovarian cancer can be misdiagnosed as having gallbladder problems or irritable bowel syndrome.

Misdiagnosis in cases of cancer can be devastating for a patient. Because cancer is a progressive disease, a failure to diagnose cancer can lead to a severely worsened medical condition or even death. In some cases, the misdiagnosis could have taken place due to the negligence of a doctor or hospital. Patients who have experienced a decline in their health due to a misdiagnosis can consult with a medical malpractice attorney about the specifics of their situation and the potential to seek compensation for the harms done.