Police in New York recently pulled a man over after allegedly witnessing him commit various traffic violations. This individual ended up being arrested and charged with various offenses, including driving while intoxicated. A DWI charge is not anything to treat lightly because, if convicted, the consequences can be fairly severe.

According to reports, on Sunday, Aug. 23, at approximately 11:30 a.m., state police initiated a traffic stop on Interstate 87 in Clarkstown. They say the stop was made after the driver had committed traffic violations, but they failed to state specifically what those violations were. When they confronted the driver – a 56-year-old male – they ultimately determined he was intoxicated and took him into custody.

The accused was transported to the police barracks located in Tarrytown. A blood-alcohol concentration test performed upon his arrival reportedly came back at .22%. As a result, he was charged with aggravated DWI, unspecified traffic violations and an unnamed misdemeanor. He was held in custody for a brief time before he was released into the custody of a third party. He is scheduled to address this matter in court near the end of September.

If the accused has not already done so, he may turn to legal counsel for guidance on how to best handle this situation. A criminal defense attorney with experience fighting aggravated DWI charges in the state of New York could prove beneficial to his case. Legal counsel will have the ability to review the details of the traffic stop, question any evidence and assist the accused in fighting for the best outcome possible, whether that be a case dismissal, charge reduction or alternative sentencing.