It was a deadly weekend for pedestrians. Four pedestrians lost their lives after being involved in car accidents. One of the pedestrians killed happened to be hit by a New York City transit bus, while another was hit by an ambulance.

One of the fatal incidents reportedly occurred in the middle of the night when a man was riding his bike through Harlem. During his bike ride, the man was struck by the driver of a transit bus line. Medical personnel arrived and transported the bike rider to the hospital, but he died of his injuries.

In the same day, another tragic incident occurred, involving a 26-year-old woman. It is unknown if she was riding a bike or walking, but she was reportedly struck by the side mirror on the driver’s side of an ambulance. The impact caused her to fall down and to end up being hit by another vehicle. The woman died at the scene. This is the third deadly encounter to happen in that area in just a matter of a week.

The day before, three women in their 60s were struck by vehicles in different areas. Two of the women died from their injuries, while the third incident severed a woman’s leg. Multiple people have lost their loved ones during one weekend alone.

New York authorities are becoming involved in an initiative to help prevent deadly car accidents. This includes issuing tickets to jaywalkers and speeding tickets to drivers. Family members of the deceased in these recent incidents may wish to pursue wrongful death claims against the drivers in order to recover damages for their undue suffering. The court system generally reviews evidence to determine if awards are warranted.

Source: CBS New York, 2 Pedestrians Killed Sunday Morning In NYC, Bringing Weekend Total To 4, No author, Jan. 19, 2014