Authorities released the names of three people who died in a car accident at the Phelps intersection of Bostwick Road and Route 14. The incident occurred on Dec. 16 and hospitalized another individual with injuries.

According to officials, a 71-year-old man drove through a posted stop sign and hit an SUV, which in turn caromed through the intersection and struck another vehicle. Officials pronounced three of the individuals involved in the intersection crash dead at the site, a 77-year-old man, a 51-year old man and the 71-year-old driver who purportedly drove through the posted stop sign.

All three vehicles sustained significant damage, reportedly. The SUV was found flipped on its roof in a ditch. The driver of the SUV remains in the hospital, officials said. Investigators are still looking into what caused the driver of the first vehicle to fail to halt at the stop sign, authorities reported.

After car accidents involving more than one vehicle, officials may have a difficult time establishing what caused the incident. Accounts from eyewitnesses and physical evidence retrieved from the accident scene may not only help law enforcement investigations but also an attorney retained by individuals who suffered losses in the accident and who wish to seek restitution through civil action.

In the case of this car accident, the families of the individuals who suffered fatal injuries may wish to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit, seeking compensation for damages related to the sudden, wrongful death of their loved one. The injured individual might wish to pursue a personal injury lawsuit, seeking financial compensation for various expenses connected to the crash. Claimants in both types of civil action would have to show that another party’s actionable conduct was responsible for the wreck.

Source: Daily Messenger, Names released of those killed in Phelps crash”