Drug trafficking can potentially involve many people, from the traffickers to the buyers. New City, New York, residents may be especially interested in the following story about a reported drug trafficking bust that allegedly took place in Rockland County.

Twenty-six individuals are facing criminal drug charges after allegedly being involved in a reported drug trafficking ring that authorities have described as massive.” It is alleged that the drugs sold in Rockland County included heroin and oxycodone. Nine of the accused reside in Rockland County. According to police

Prescription drug abuse knows no bounds. It can affect people across various social strata – the young, the old, the rich and the poor. This is why police will go to great lengths to try to eradicate such abuse in their jurisdictions. Unfortunately, innocent people can be trapped in a drug sting. When this happens, those individuals may need to take serious action to preserve their integrity. The help of a criminal defense attorney can go a long way toward helping these individuals.

The nine Rockland County residents, along with the other 17 individuals involved in this most recent roundup, may not know what the future brings, but it certainly could hold severe penalties. In these situations, the help of a criminal defense attorney can be a person’s greatest asset.

Source: New City Patch, UPDATE: ‘Massive’ Oxycodone and Heroin Ring Busted in Rockland County