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Understanding LOTO violations

Lockout/tag-out procedures, known as LOTO, have saved thousands of lives since OSHA demanded that New York businesses follow them. However, OSHA has also reported that one of the most common violations seen includes a lack of LOTO implementation. In fact, in 2019, LOTO violations were the fourth leading issues found within businesses. How can a business properly practice safe and accurate LOTO procedures?One of the most common reasons for employees filing for workers' comp benefits is due to an injury caused by a factory machine. LOTO demands that a business train its employees to understand how to shut down properly and start up the machinery. It is this lack of training that is often the cause of violation notices being sent out to companies.In staying within the area of machinery, [...]

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How lockout/tagout training should be conducted

Lockout/tagout procedures are essential to some New York workplaces because they protect workers from cases where dangerous machinery energizes or starts up unexpectedly. They are said to prevent some 120 fatalities and 50,000 injuries every year across the U.S., but lockout/tagout violations were listed at number four in OSHA's Top 10 list of the most cited violations.Any LOTO training program must go step by step through the process. It all begins with the procedures for shutting down and restarting machinery. There can be hazards associated with the shutdown, which must be emphasized. The shutdown instructions should be written down for reference and must present the steps in the correct order.Isolation points, which are the points where the machine can be disconnected from its energy sources, must be identified and labeled. [...]

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