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Construction accident leaves 3 injured, 1 dead

Investigators in New York are in the process of looking into an accident that left three construction workers injured and one dead. This event occurred in Manhattan on July 16. It is just another reminder of how quickly a construction accident can happen and how dangerous this line of work is.According to reports, the workers were in the middle of a building facade repair when a portion of the parapet collapsed and fell. Some of the debris struck a rig holding two workers near the 11th floor. The rig then fell and hit the scaffolding below. Both construction employees in the rig as well as two on the ground suffered injuries in the event. One of them died at the scene, and the other three were transported to Bellevue Hospital [...]

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Arrested for DWI over the recent holiday weekend?

The Fourth of July holiday weekend has come and gone, and so have the sobriety checkpoints that came along with it. The Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over Campaign ran from July 3 to July 5 with one sole purpose - keep impaired drivers off the road. It has not yet been reported how many DWI charges were handed out during that time.Sobriety checkpoints being placed all over the state is the norm for all major holidays anymore. It is just one of the things government officials feel they can do to keep New Yorkers safe from their fellow citizens who may get behind the wheel while intoxicated. Without fail, numerous people end up facing DWI charges as a result of the use of these checkpoints.To justify the need for [...]

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Airport ground crews encounter an abundance of job hazards

Ground crew workers at airports do not get the most attention among airline employees. That spotlight is reserved for pilots and flight attendants. But such workers maintain crucial roles within an airport and airline's operations, fulfilling a variety of tasks inside a terminal and outside a terminal.Among their duties: checking in passengers for their flights, providing security checks, assisting disabled passengers, loading and unloading passenger bags from aircraft, stocking and cleaning the aircraft as well as helping passengers and crew get off the plane by providing the stairs once the plane lands. And all those tasks provide ample opportunity for an assortment of workplace injuries.Stress, noise and strainsAirport ground crews face a significant number of physical challenges that can lead to an injury at any time. The continuous lifting of [...]

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College and high school students are not immune to DWI

College- and high school-aged students sometimes want to grow up too quickly, enjoying some of the privileges that come with adulthood. One of those privileges is drinking alcohol. But after having had a few drinks at a party and getting behind the wheel of your dad's car, are you prepared to face the consequences of a drunk driving charge?An arrest can sneak up on you. The flashing cherry red lights from a law enforcement vehicle may not be quite enough to sober you up. But the aftermath of a drunk driving arrest likely will. You must face your parents, a judge and the reality that your life has changed, and not for the better.Zero tolerance for those under 21What you thought was a routine drive turned into conundrum that steers [...]

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