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Injured kitchen workers may file for workers’ compensation

A recent study was released about a specific hazard kitchen workers in New York face every day. While numerous types of accidents can result in these employees suffering injuries, this study specifically went into detail about exposure to intense heat levels. Just as those who work outdoors may suffer heat-related illnesses or injuries, so can those who work indoors. When such illnesses or injuries occur, workers' compensation claims may be filed to seek relief for any resulting losses.Researchers at City University of New York's Graduate School of Public Health & Health Policy examined the effects of excessive heat on public school kitchen workers in particular. Their findings can be applied to similar work in other settings, however. When conducting the study, the researchers looked at the effects of light, moderate [...]

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Consequences from DUI conviction cross New York state lines

While on vacation out-of-state, you celebrated with alcohol a bit too much. You get arrested for and charged with drunk driving. A night in jail provides the chance to sober up, and you ponder your fate. A few days later, you travel home with family. After several weeks of legal proceedings, a drunk driving conviction is on your record.If you think your driving troubles ended upon your return from out of state, you better think again. In New York, as in other states, you face related consequences stemming from a drunk driving conviction that occurred elsewhere.Expect license revocationA drunk driving conviction from no matter what state will haunt you for some time. The state of New York will find out about your offense, so do not expect that it goes [...]

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Nurses often victims of violence in the workplace

When one thinks about dangerous places to work, hospitals do not usually come to mind. The truth is, however, that those who work at such medical facilities in New York and elsewhere, particularly nursing staff, often experience workplace injuries, many of which go unreported. There are several ways that nurses may be hurt while on the job; one not often talked about is violence in the workplace.The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health has identified four different types of violence that occur in hospital settings. Type one involves a person with criminal intent. Type two involves patients or their family members. Type three has to do with violence among employees. Finally, type four is personal relationship violence.It is believed that type two is the most common kind of violence [...]

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Hidden costs pile on with DWI conviction

Long-term repercussions surface with a DWI conviction. And you know you are in trouble from the start. Jail time and probation are a possibility, and you will be socked with a stiff fine. Do not forget the likelihood of the suspension or revocation of your driver's license, and even civil legal action if involved in an accident that caused serious injuries.These are some of the upfront costs related to a DWI conviction. But there are lot more hidden costs to come. Beyond increased auto insurance rates, you might lose your job. Your personal and professional reputation will take a hit, too. And required enrollment in an alcohol treatment program means another financial setback.From higher insurance rates to job lossThere are many hidden and not-so-hidden costs stemming from a DWI conviction. [...]

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