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Summer poses a unique set of hazards to workers

It can be dangerous to engage in any kind of physical activity in the summer heat, to say nothing of hard, physical work. Workers in New York need to be aware of the special challenges that come when working under the summer sun, and what steps they need to take to help prevent a work-related illness or injury.Heat-related illnesses are seriousHeat exhaustion can leave you feeling extremely ill. If not treated, heat exhaustion can lead to heat stroke, which can be fatal. If you find yourself feeling dizzy, nauseous or disoriented, you should seek shelter in a cool place and hydrate. This is especially important for workers whose jobs require them to wear heavy protective gear. In the words of OSHA, Water. Rest. Shade.""Heat is not the only enemy of [...]

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Memorial Day weekend DWI crackdown results in hundreds of arrests

As usual, New York State Police along with local law enforcement officers were out in force over Memorial Day weekend looking for drunk or otherwise impaired drivers. This year, over 200 DWI arrests were made statewide and thousands of citations handed out. Here's a look at how that weekend went.According to a recent report, police issued nearly 9,000 tickets for various offenses, including speeding, aggressive driving, distracted driving and seat belt violations. They investigated 457 accidents, which resulted in two deaths and the injuring of 11 people. As far as impaired driving goes, 203 people were arrested. It is unclear if any of those charged with intoxicated driving were involved in the above-mentioned car crashes.Along with increased patrols, sobriety checkpoints were set up all over the state. They ran from [...]

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Recent construction accident results in injuries and death

Construction sites are dangerous; that isn't exactly news. However, with the various safety measures that are supposed to be in place, it is incredible how many construction workers in New York and elsewhere still suffer injury or death due to worksite accidents every year. Most recently, several people were injured, and at least one was killed after a construction accident occurred at the Morgan General postal building.According to reports, two construction workers were riding an elevator in the building when a fire extinguisher exploded. Both victims were transported to area hospitals with critical injuries. One victim - a 35-year-old male - failed to survive. The other victim - a 26-year-old - lost an arm in the incident. This individual's current condition is unknown.Three other people suffered injuries as a result [...]

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Car crash leads to felony drunk driving charges

Police in New York recently arrested the driver responsible for a single-vehicle crash in Yorktown on Friday, April 24. This individual is facing felony drunk driving charges, which, according to state laws, carry significant penalties if he is convicted. Thankfully, the accused has the right to defend himself with the assistance of legal counsel.According to reports, the accused - a 54-year-old male - was operating his vehicle on East Main Street around noon when he crossed over the centerline into oncoming traffic and then proceeded into a ditch on the side of the road. He was uninjured in the crash. No one else was injured as a result of this incident, either.Police were called to the scene, and they promptly arrested this individual for driving while intoxicated. He was transported [...]

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