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Did your St. Patty’s Day end with drunk driving charges?

St. Patrick's Day looked a little different this year in New York, with festivities canceled due to the current health situation affecting the country. Despite the changes to available activities, police increased patrols looking for drunk drivers and those committing other traffic violations. Anyone who is facing drunk driving charges as a result of this most recent DUI enforcement campaign has the right to fight the charges with the assistance of legal counsel.On Sunday, March 15, it was reported that police patrols would pick up until March 18. This was to occur in all areas of the state. The Governor's Traffic Safety Committee requested and funded this campaign, based on the number of impaired driving arrests police made in 2019. According to reports, 259 people were arrested for drunk driving [...]

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Workers’ compensation and the coronavirus

Millions of New Yorkers leave the comfort of their homes every single day to head off to work. Many of them have jobs where they are exposed to large groups of people, such as those who work in education or retail, while others have careers in health care where they are frequently exposed to people who are ill. Right now, a big concern for all of these individuals is the coronavirus. Several cases have been reported in the state so far, and more are expected. Will those who catch the virus while on the job be able to collect workers' compensation benefits?The coronavirus is making headlines daily. So many people are worried about it. It is a scary thing, so their fears are understandable. Unfortunately, there is so much still [...]

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Do I need a DUI lawyer?

The penalties of a drunk driving charge can add up. Between the costly fines and potential jail time, they can have a long-lasting effect on your financial stability, everyday life and even personal and professional relationships.And while you can attempt to defend yourself in court, it can be difficult to come out on top if you don't have the experience necessary for handling a DUI case. That's why you may benefit from hiring a DUI lawyer.Advantages of hiring a DUI lawyerA DUI attorney may be equipped with the knowledge you need to defend yourself and find the best possible outcome for your case. More specifically, a DUI lawyer might be able to help in these areas:Protect yourself in a DUI courtSeeking the help of a DUI lawyer is a way [...]

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