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Workers’ compensation for first responders in New York

As a first responder, you put in grueling hours of hard work to keep others safe. Unfortunately, getting injured is highly likely when you put your life at risk everyday just by doing your job.But a workplace injury can sometimes be serious enough to significantly impact your life - often for the worse. Luckily, first responders in New York have access to workers' compensation benefits that may help you manage and recover from any work-related injury.What injuries can first responders file for?Because of the nature of your intense and sometimes dangerous job, you are at risk of developing a variety of both physical and mental injuries. So, New York workers' compensation benefits for first responders will often cover specific injuries, illnesses or other circumstances such as:Unfortunately, however, you won't automatically [...]

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Mother of well-known actress faces DWI, related charges

The mother of a celebrity actress receives some unflattering media attention herself after being arrested for DWI while on Long Island. According to police, the woman was leaving the mall on a recent evening and rear-ended an SUV. She then allegedly intentionally left the scene of the accident without exchanging information with the driver of the SUV. The driver of the SUV followed her to her home while contracting police in the process.When police caught up with her, they found her in her driveway with the engine running. An officer at the scene reportedly smelled alcohol and noticed the woman's eyes were bloodshot. The officer also noted that she fell when she got out of her car.However, the woman says that the officer never gave her a certified test to [...]

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What does workers’ compensation entitle employees to recover?

Sustaining a severe injury while on the job can be devastating in many ways. You could also experience stress by worrying about returning to work. Fortunately, there are benefits available that can help you out in a situation like this. If a serious injury has left you unable to provide for your family, understanding your workers' compensation rights can help you receive compensation.What benefits could I receive?Before you are eligible for any benefits, you must first file a claim. To qualify for workers' compensation, you must be an employee at a company that provides this type of insurance. The incident must have happened at work and you must meet the deadline for reporting your injury. If you receive approval for your application, you could obtain compensation for the following:In New [...]

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Is a legal claim possible when claiming workers’ compensation?

Workers in the neighborhoods of New York City, or the Rockland County suburbs for that matter, may get hurt in a car accident or some other accident that is not the responsibility of either the worker or the worker's employer. For instance, if someone is driving for her employer while on the clock and gets hit by a negligent driver, she may have a valid legal claim against the driver. Nevertheless, because she was on the clock and doing work for her employer, she also likely has a viable workers' compensation claim.The good news is that a person can file a claim for workers' compensation benefits. Whether doing so is the best choice depends on individual circumstances, but filing a workers' compensation claim frequently is a good means of making [...]

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