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Construction workers are relatively likely to get hurt

The construction industry is known for being a dangerous profession in that lots of people in this field get hurt or even die each year. In fact, when one breaks out the statistics, the average construction worker in New York stands a 1 in 10 chance of getting hurt on the job in a given year. The upshot is that, over a lengthy career, a worker will likely get sidelined by an injury at least once.The good news is that this actually represents an improvement over time. In the early 1970s, there were 10.9 injuries per 100 construction workers, whereas now the number is just under 3 injuries per 100 workers.While this improvement puts a more positive light on the statistics, one ongoing problem is that many accidents, about half, [...]

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Can a DWI affect my employment opportunities?

Changing your career path can be an exciting life moment. But with a DWI on your record, you might be wondering if it will make your job search more difficult.Fired because of a DWI?Unfortunately, your employer can fire you after a DWI charge. In fact, most private employers have the right to terminate you based on a DWI. Some employee handbooks or contracts explicitly state that a DWI charge is grounds for termination.Depending on your job, termination may be warranted. This is especially true if you worked in any line of work involving transportation, including:Applying for these jobs can also be difficult after a DWI. Unfortunately, having a DWI on your record might indicate to future employers that you are not a safe or responsible driver.A DWI will remain on [...]

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Major parcel carrier accused of concealing work comp claims

Suffering an injury in the workplace is an unexpected event. However, these incidents can occur rather frequently, sometimes resulting in an employee requiring much medical attention and care, as well as time from work for recovery.United Parcel Service, known for its brown UPS trucks and logos, is facing accusations that it has been trying to hide the frequency and extent of workplace injuries that its employees suffer. This is perhaps in a bid to keep workers' compensation costs low, since these costs depend heavily on the number and severity of claims.To give one example, a worker fell off of a loading dock and suffered obvious broken bones in multiple locations. However, instead of calling for an ambulance, managers had the person's colleagues load him on one of the business's carts [...]

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Does workers’ compensation cover psychological trauma?

Most workplaces have safety measures and health and well-being tips to keep workers and employees safe while on the job. Unfortunately, accidents can still happen in the workplace, and many companies provide workers' compensation for injured workers. But what happens if your injury is a result of mental or emotional stress?New York covers trauma-related injuriesYou can experience undue stress in any occupation. Jobs that involve emotionally high stakes, such as police work or firefighting, are especially likely to leave a person feeling mentally or emotionally unable to cope with the tough things they may have seen.Under New York's workers' compensation laws, if you sustain a mental injury that stems from a traumatic workplace event, you can file a workers' compensation claim for the damages that resulted from your suffering.Protect your [...]

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