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Breathalyzer tests are not always reliable

Motorists in New York who get pulled over on the suspicion of drunk driving will probably be offered field sobriety tests and a portal breath test. If these tests show a need for further testing, the driver will be asked to submit to a supposedly more reliable test, often referred to by the brand name Breathalyzer, at a local police station.If the Breathalyzer shows a person has at least .08 blood alcohol content, or BAC, then he or she will likely face an arrest and drunk driving charges. Because most courts consider these tests reliable, the person may think that a conviction is a predetermined outcome.The problem is that recent investigative reporting by a major New York newspaper has confirmed what DUI defense attorneys have known for a long time. [...]

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Marijuana still has no place at high-risk jobs

As anyone in New City or Rockland, Orange and Westchester counties can probably figure out by reading the news, society in the last 20 or so years has taken a far less critical look at the benefits and drawbacks of marijuana. Many states, including New York, allow it for medicinal purposes, and a growing number of states permit its broad use among adults. This change has led to an explosion of legal marijuana dispensaries and growers.However, despite society's liberalized attitude toward the drug, a recent report from the National Safety Council stated that no worker in a job the report described as safety sensitive should have any level of marijuana in his or her system. As the name implies, the National Safety Council is a non-profit dedicated to promoting workplace [...]

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Is your job putting you at greater risk of sleep deprivation?

Many New Yorkers work long hours or multiple jobs and come home exhausted. However, when being tired crosses the line into sleep deprivation, there is cause for concern.Extreme tiredness takes a serious toll on people. Unfortunately, there are some occupations in which workers are at a greater risk of suffering sleep deprivation, which could lead to increased exposure to work-related accidents.Occupations with higher rates of sleep deprivationAccording to a recent study, workers in the following occupations reported higher rates of short sleep durations:These occupations all fall in emergency services, health care, transportation and production. As such, it is worth noting that they are not the only people adversely affected by sleep deprivation; so are the people around them and those relying on them for help.How sleep deprivation contributes to work [...]

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