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Drugged driving can still lead to a DWAI

Many people probably know that those who are under the influence of marijuana or other drugs can be just as dangerous behind the wheel as those who have consumed too much alcohol. For this reason, New York criminalizes drugged driving in a manner similar to the way it handles drunk driving.Specifically, a person caught with drugs in his or her system or some combination of drugs and alcohol in their system while driving could face charges of DWAI-Drug. In order to be convicted, the state will have to prove that the person accused was under the influence of a drug to the point where his driving was affected.On the other hand, the scary thing about the DWAI-Drug charge is that it does not just apply to illegal substances. One can [...]

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Massive workers’ compensation scam in New York

Workers' compensation is an important safety net for employees. If they are injured while performing their job or at their workplace, they are fairly compensated. Unfortunately, not all employers take their responsibility to provide this benefit seriously.The Manhattan district attorney's office found that two New York men cheated their employees out of proper protection by falsifying information. This saved them millions of dollars in insurance premiums. Tragically, the work they sent their employees to do hurt more than twelve people and even killed one. The pair then delayed the process to get compensation for the injured.This case illustrates the fact that even though most employers must have workers' compensation insurance, not all have acquired proper coverage. Workers must be vigilant and defend their rights.What are your rights?For those employed in [...]

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NYPD detective facing scrutiny for DWI arrests

A New York City detective is accused of making dozens of bogus DWI arrests in the Bronx to earn extra overtime pay. Detective Darryl Schwartz has already been sued three times and faces a fourth suit, according to the New York Daily News.The newspaper reports the city settled one of the lawsuits for $85,000 and personnel records show Schwartz has a history of misconduct dating back over a decade without facing any discipline from the NYPD.Excessive OT earnings reportedThe Gothamist reports Schwartz reportedly made more than $173,000 in overtime between 2015 and 2018, which is more than what 97% of other officers earned during the same period. Half of the DWI cases involving the detective during that time ended in acquittals, lesser pleas or dismissals.Internal Affairs file lists multiple citationsThe [...]

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Some statistics about workplace deaths

According to information published online recently by a national magazine, loggers and those in commercial fishing continue to have the most dangerous occupations, at least with respect to fatalities. Roofers and garbage collectors also statistically have jobs which are especially risky.It may also come as little surprise to those in the New City area and other parts of New York City's surrounding communities that incidents related to transportation, such as car accidents and accidents involving other motor vehicles, are the most common cause of workplace fatalities.Of the almost 4,400 work-related deaths reported across the country in 2017 about 2,100, almost half, involved accidents related to transportation. By contrast, the second most common cause of fatalities was falling, with falls being responsible for almost 900 deaths. Contact with dangerous objects or [...]

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