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If I got hurt, what benefits does workers’ compensation offer?

A worker in New York, whether they live in New City, Westchester County or in some of the neighborhoods like the Bronx or Manhattan, will likely a lot to deal with should she get hurt or sick because of her job. In addition to the emotional stress of the situation and the physical pain, the worker will also likely, and very quickly, begin to wonder how exactly she will be able to make ends meet with mounting medical bills and no paycheck.Fortunately, New York's workers' compensation program offers benefits on a no-fault basis that can provide injured workers some relief. To give an overview of these benefits, an employer or the employer's insurance company, is expected to cover an injured worker's necessary medical care, so long as that care is [...]

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Can I refuse a sobriety test?

The first time you see flashing lights in the rearview can be intimidating. You had a couple drinks and are afraid the police could charge you with driving while intoxicated (DWI). What are your options?One thought that may cross your mind is to refuse a sobriety test. Is this option legal in New York?Implied consentUnfortunately, when it comes to chemical tests, you don't have this option. New York has an implied consent law, which means that when you get behind the wheel you have already consented to chemical testing to measure your blood alcohol concentration (BAC).In fact, refusing a chemical test could backfire. It is a separate violation from a DWI and could lead to a suspended license, even if you end up having a BAC below the legal limit. [...]

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Employers must take steps to prevent amputations

One of the most serious injuries a worker in New City or other parts of Rockland County or Orange County faces is the possibility of having a part of his body amputated. While the loss of a whole arm or leg is the most serious type of amputation, a worker can also easily lose a finger or a foot while doing his job. In any event, all amputations are serious affairs and will require some permanent changes in a person's lifestyle.Machinery in particular has the potential for causing an accidental amputation. Particularly common at New York construction sites and industrial facilities, workers frequently have to use machines that cut, turn or bend both rapidly and powerfully. In just a split second, these machines can amputate a worker's limb.Employers in New [...]

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