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It’s my first DWI. Do I need to hire a lawyer?

You're out with friends or co-workers for happy hour. You get in the car and begin to drive home. Police lights flash and you pull over. A light in your face. License, proof of insurance and registration. A roadside evaluation and a Breathalyzer test. You are Mirandized and put in the back of the squad car. Mug shots, fingerprints, jump suit, drunk tank.You're charged with driving while intoxicated. Do you call a lawyer?A number of factorsThe easy answer is yes, you should call a lawyer. You are in legal trouble. An attorney can help you parse through the details of the arrest, booking, even the tests performed to determine if you can avoid the charge and punishment.An attorney can help you argue down any potential penalty by highlighting mitigating circumstances [...]

It’s my first DWI. Do I need to hire a lawyer?2019-02-28T00:00:00+00:00

The different types of work comp disability benefits

As this blog has discussed before, workers' compensation pays for two basic things after a New York employee gets hurt on the job. First, the program will cover the employee's medical bills and some other out-of-pocket expenses as well.Second, workers' compensation will also cover a portion of an injured worker's lost wages if he must be off work in order to recover from his injury. How much a person will get in compensation, and for how long, depends on a number of case-specific factors, but there are four basic classifications of work loss benefits.If it looks like a person will eventually recover and be able to return to work, then she will receive temporary disability payments. The payments will vary depending on whether the disability is total, meaning that the [...]

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License suspensions for drunk driving are serious

As people in New City, New York, and the surrounding communities probably know just from experience, drunk driving charges can lead to serious consequences.Even for a first-time offense with no special circumstances, they can theoretically land a person in jail, and a conviction will require mean a person has to devote time, and money, to probation and related requirements, such as alcohol counseling.One of the things residents of New York probably fear the most about a drunk driving conviction is the mandatory license suspension, as many people need to be able to drive in order to get to work, school or other important activities.Some might describe New York's license suspension scheme for alcohol-related offenses to be more severe than what one might find in other states. For instance, the basic [...]

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