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There is no time to waste with a workers’ comp claim

In a perfect world nobody would be injured at work. The world is not perfect, though, and people suffer injuries of all types while carrying out their daily work. If you have suffered an injury big or small while working, then there is no time to waste when in filing for workers' compensation.While it is true that according to the law you have a window in which to file for workers' compensation, it is much more expedient and easier to be approved if you take the following steps immediately - the same day as your accident, if possible.Keep in mind that while not required, working with an experienced attorney can have the biggest impact on the amount of compensation you receive. They will keep the pressure off you while arguing [...]

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Final holiday DUI crackdown numbers are in for New York

The Christmas and New Year's holiday are times when many people in New York City and the surrounding communities and counties like to get together and have fun with friends and relatives. Of course, for many people, this includes enjoying a few drinks.It is no surprise, therefore, that state law enforcement officers, including the New York State Police, like to pay extra attention to DWI enforcement during these times of the year, as it seems more likely that they will be able to apprehend an alleged drunk driver returning home from a family gathering or from an office party or other occasion.At least with respect to the New York State Police, there final tallies are in for their most recent holiday crackdown at the end of 2018. According to sources, [...]

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What is OSHA’s role in a workplace accident?

Some people in the New City, New York, area or one of the other suburbs may have heard about the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA. Still, they may not fully understand what this agency does and what its role in workplace safety is.Many if not most employers in the area are subject to federal safety regulations designed to keep American workers safe and healthy as they do what they need to do to put bread on the table. OSHA is responsible for enforcing these regulations.Otherwise, some employers may flat out try to ignore the rules in the interest of cost-savings, while others may just not give the rules the attention that they truly deserve until it is too late.When it comes to a serious workplace accident, employers [...]

What is OSHA’s role in a workplace accident?2019-01-11T00:00:00+00:00

Section 32 and how can it help settle your workers’ comp case?

In the state of New York, a Section 32 waiver can be used to settle your workers' compensation case. However, it should be considered carefully as it has serious legal implications for your medical future.What is a Section 32 waiver?A Section 32 waiver is a document stating the terms negotiated and agreed on by yourself or your attorney and your employer. It can either permanently close your case with a lump sum (if your injury is rather simple) or it can keep your case open to allow for future medical expenses while settling for your lost wages.This waiver is optional, and the terms will not be negotiated by the Workers' Compensation Board. At the end of your negotiations, the agreement is presented to the Board who can approve it if [...]

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Breathalyzer test results are not infallible

You met some friends for a quick beer after work, but the police pulled you over after leaving due to a taillight being out. The officer smelled alcohol on your breath, and after a breathalyzer was given, you tested over the limit. But were you really over the limit? Should you fight the result?Readings may not be accurateYou may be tempted to accept your fate without challenging the results. After all, the machine said you were over the limit, even though you only had one beer with your meal, then drove home. However, breathalyzer units are not immune from error.Proper calibration is necessaryIn October 2017, over 20,000 people in New Jersey were notified that that their DWI cases were under review. The police sergeant responsible for overseeing breathalyzer units in [...]

Breathalyzer test results are not infallible2019-01-04T00:00:00+00:00
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