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Drunk driving charges filed against alleged hit-and-run driver

Drivers in New York who face criminal charges will likely do whatever they can to avoid a conviction. A conviction on drunk driving charges can have horrible effects on anyone's life. It can jeopardize employment, good name, driving privileges and more.A 29-year-old New York man was recently arraigned following his arrest by Yorktown police. According to a police report, officers responded to two accidents shortly before 2:45 on a recent Tuesday. In both cases, the vehicle that crashed into other cars was reported to have left the crash scenes.Upon investigation, police determined that it was one vehicle that was involved in both crashes. Reportedly, the car was later located, and police allege a Mahopac man drove it. Officers further claimed that the driver was under the influence of alcohol in [...]

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Potential penalties for lack of workers’ compensation insurance

Perhaps your business operation requires your employees to lift heavy objects, control dangerous machinery or work with hazardous chemicals. Or perhaps your business involves working with ill patients, walking on slippery floors or dealing with violent individuals. In any type of business, New York state law requires that all employers must purchase and carry workers' compensation insurance.In case an employee faces injury on the job, not only do you want to provide compensation through insurance for that individual, but you also want to avoid serious criminal charges for lack of insurance. Your business could face lawsuits from employees, a lowered reputation and significant fines. To protect your business from workers' compensation disputes, you want to follow New York law and purchase insurance.Workers' compensation insurance alleviating injuryShould one of your employees [...]

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Arrested for a DWI? Time is of the essence

New York is known for its exhilarating nightlife and award-winning restaurants. Tourists and residents alike enjoy weekends of sightseeing and barhopping. Unfortunately, the good times can abruptly come to an end when an officer pulls you over. A drunk driving arrest or charge could put a damper on weekend plans, and the consequences don't end there.It's incredibly important to drop all hesitations and call an attorney. Waiting to seek legal assistance could result in harsher penalties.Risk of losing your driver's licenseIt's vital you call an attorney at your earliest convenience if you are facing a DWI charge. There's a lot at risk, which includes freedom and privileges, such as driving. Sometimes charged individuals need to go through an administrative license hearing, in which they might lose their driver's license.People with [...]

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Workplace safety violations might have led to electrocution

Tree workers in New York and elsewhere face multiple occupational hazards. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, employers in all industries must provide safe work environments. Their responsibilities include providing employees with adequate training in workplace safety to prepare them for the hazard they will face while doing their jobs.One of the most significant dangers for tree workers is the fact that they often work near overhead power cables. There are strict regulations about the distance that must be clear between workers and power lines. However, workers who are not informed about the dangers, or those who have become complacent and less alert, might make contact with energized power lines.A 39-year-old tree trimmer reportedly lost his life on a recent Monday while he was cutting a tree in [...]

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Not just millennials who drive distracted

Drivers in New York, whatever generation they belong to, are as prone to distracted driving as drivers elsewhere. Volvo recently teamed up with the Harris Poll to study distracted driving among all generations of drivers in the U.S. There were 2,000 participants, and they spanned from the Silent Generation and baby boomers to Gen Xers, millennials and Generation Z, which encompasses those born between the mid-1990s and the mid-2000s.Millennials and Gen Xers were the most prone to phone use behind the wheel: 81 percent admitted to it. This was followed by 71 percent of Gen Z, 64 percent of baby boomers and 50 percent among the Silent Generation. Specifically, 60 percent admitted to texting, 35 percent to reading emails, 25 percent to surfing the web and 20 percent to posting [...]

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Can drug charges follow a hotel housekeeper’s discovery of drugs?

It was recently reported that the executive officer of a Fortune 500 company was arrested and charged with drug trafficking. This followed the discovery of a significant stash of drugs, including heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine and ecstasy, in his suite at a hotel in another state. People in New York might have questions about drug charges that are filed after a housekeeper or another staff member of a hotel reports finding drugs in a guest's room.A patron who is lawfully checked into a hotel room is protected by the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution from legal action if a maid or housekeeper reports the presence of any illegal objects in the room. This protection is in effect until that guest is checked out or evicted from the hotel. Such a [...]

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