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Concern exists over workplace safety in the sanitation industry

Authorities reported concern over the number of fatalities that are reported in the sanitation industry. According to the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA), 132 lives were lost in work-related accidents in 2017. The New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health says non-compliance with workplace safety gives rise to many of the injuries and fatalities in this industry.SWANA says fatalities occurred during waste collection, at landfills, transfer stations, Material Recovery Facilities and other locations. Furthermore, many workers suffer strains, sprains and other overexertion injuries from handling heavy loads and jumping off trucks. Exposure to hazardous materials is another one of the risks sanitation workers face.Safety authorities suggest sanitation workers should only ride inside the cab of the vehicle or only on steps designed for that purpose, and never [...]

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Teacher faces drunk driving charges after fatal Bronx accident

A spokesperson for a New York school says a teacher who allegedly struck and killed a pedestrian in the Bronx was suspended, and her employment will likely be terminated. This underscores the fact that drunk driving charges can have an adverse impact on an accused person's career, even before a conviction. Police claim this teacher was impaired at the time of the accident.Reportedly, the 33-year-old woman was traveling on Pelham Parkway, heading east, on a recent Friday, at approximately 9:30 a.m., when she allegedly smashed into a car before striking a 57-year-old pedestrian. She then slammed into another vehicle. Police claim they could smell alcohol when they questioned the woman. They say her eyes were red and her speech was slurred.According to witnesses, the victim, who had just been released [...]

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Why should you talk to an attorney after a work injury?

You may be hesitant to contact a lawyer after a work injury, but the fact is that it may be helpful as well as informational. This post will look at the benefits of talking to a lawyer in the event of a workplace injury.You have nothing to loseAttorneys often have free consultations, which is beneficial to clients who may not know if they should be hiring a lawyer for a workers' compensation lawsuit. By consulting with a lawyer about your situation, you may have a clearer idea of what to do next.A lawyer can help you maximize benefits and inform you of your rights.The compensation that you could receive from your lawyer after completing a workers' compensation claim may not cover everything you would like it to. Attorneys are trained [...]

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About ovarian cancer

Annually, over 250,000 women in the world receive a diagnosis of ovarian cancer, and 140,000 deaths result from the disease. Women in New York should take care to avoid mistaking the early indications of ovarian cancer for less serious medical issues. Doing so can lower the chances that treatment will be successful.It is very important that women do not ignore the symptoms of ovarian cancer. If they are experiencing stomach pains, weight gain, shortness of breath, an increase in indigestion, urination, or nausea, bloating and back pain that last for over a week, it is important that they speak with their physician and have their ovaries examined. Women should also be aware that Pap smears are not helpful when it comes to ovarian cancer. While the test can be used [...]

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Construction workers’ accidents: Wall collapse traps 6, kills 1

Despite the safety regulations that federal and state authorities mandate, lives continue to be lost on building sites in New York. One of the most recent construction workers' accidents happened in Brooklyn on a recent Wednesday. It claimed the life of a 47-year-old employee of a building contractor.According to a report by the New York City Fire Department, the worker was trapped when a retaining wall collapsed. Reportedly six workers who were clearing out the foundation on the construction site at about 1:30 p.m. were caught unawares when the 20-foot wall collapsed onto them. Five men managed to get to safety, but the sixth worker was buried under tons of rubble.FDNY says rescue efforts were suspended due to heavy rain that caused instability on the site. Before ending the search [...]

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Toddler gives police evidence that results in drug charges

Child protective services in New York recently put a 3-year-old child into relatives' care after her mother was taken into custody. New York State Police says the girl played an important role in her mother's arrest. The arrest and subsequent drug charges took place during a traffic stop on a recent Thursday afternoon.Troopers allege they observed the suspicious behavior of two occupants of a car and pulled the vehicle over. An incident report indicates that the odor of burning marijuana was evident immediately upon the occupants of the car opening the window. Reportedly, as one officer questioned the 26-year-old driver and the 33-year-old mother of the child in the front passenger seat, another trooper checked on the welfare of an unsecured toddler in the back seat.The officer who checked on [...]

Toddler gives police evidence that results in drug charges2018-09-20T00:00:00+00:00

How AI impacts the duty of care standard

Medical errors are thought to be the third-leading cause of death in the United States. However, advances in medical technology may help patients in New York and elsewhere receive care without inadvertently being put in harm's way. Technologies being studied today have shown the ability to diagnose heart attacks, lung cancer and skin cancer using artificial intelligence. Of course, it is also possible that a machine will make an error when diagnosing a patient.In such a scenario, it might be difficult to determine whether a person or a program is liable for the error. The reason why parties are held liable for their actions is to discourage them from making mistakes. Machines are considered to be diagnostic tools that assist a human in making a decision as opposed to working [...]

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What are some plusses and minuses to plea negotiations?

It might be easy to assume that once a person in New York is arrested and charged with a crime, they will inevitably wind up pleading their case before a jury, who will decide their guilt or innocence. However, many criminal cases are ultimately resolved not in trial, but instead through out-of-court plea negotiations.In general, through plea negotiations - also known as plea bargaining - the accused will agree to plead guilty to either a lesser charge or fewer charges, or for a reduced sentence. There are plusses and minuses to plea bargaining that people in New York should understand before deciding whether this course of action is right for them.There are some good reasons for a person to accept a plea agreement. Going through the entire trial process can [...]

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Poor information processing is a source of medical errors

New York patients could miss important treatment opportunities when doctors fail to make accurate diagnoses. A medical crisis often starts with a visit to an emergency room, and a study has explored the class of medical mistakes known as cognitive errors. These involve the faulty processing of information by doctors when making diagnostic decisions. The study looked at repeat emergency room visits during an eight-month period at a public teaching hospital.Of the 52 confirmed cases of errors that caused patients to return to the emergency room within 72 hours of their first visits, 45 percent arose from faulty information processing. Another 31 percent of mistakes happened because doctors did not verify diagnoses correctly. Errors when gathering patient information accounted for 18 percent of cognitive errors, and poor medical knowledge caused [...]

Poor information processing is a source of medical errors2018-09-11T00:00:00+00:00

Fatal forklift accident may lead to workers’ compensation claim

Workers in New York warehouses face various safety hazards every day. Warehouse employees file workers' compensation claims every year, ranging from musculoskeletal injuries to forklift accidents. The dangers posed by forklifts do not always receive the necessary attention. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration prescribes strict regulations related to forklift safety, one of which is adequate training and allowing only certified forklift drivers to operate the dangerous machines.A fatal workplace accident is currently under investigation by safety authorities. Authorities say a 43-year-old employee lost his life in a forklift accident on a recent Thursday. A police report indicates that the incident occurred in the early morning hours at the warehouse of a food distributor.Reportedly, the man's head was caught between a metal shelf and the vehicle while he was operating [...]

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