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Workers’ compensation death benefits will help grieving families

Losing loved ones in workplace accidents is not something wished upon anybody. Along with the trauma and the need to grieve, additional financial hardship may be experienced. This applies particularly if the deceased worker was the breadwinner. Fortunately, the New York workers' compensation insurance program offers assistance for surviving family members of workers who died in on-the-job accidents.A tragic industrial accident recently that claimed the lives of two employees of a distribution center in Lockport. According to a spokesperson of the sheriff's office, the 38-year-old and 62-year-old men were unloading a trailer load of Corian slabs when the accident occurred. Under unknown circumstances, the men became trapped under the load.Reportedly, Corian is a product similar to granite, and it is used for primarily for countertops. According to the deputies who [...]

Workers’ compensation death benefits will help grieving families2018-06-27T00:00:00+00:00

Misdemeanor drug charges leads to paid leave for school employee

Facing any criminal charge can adversely affect anyone's life - even before a court appearance. When drug charges are involved, the fact that a person is innocent until proven guilty might not protect his or her job. This seems to be particularly true for employees of school districts in New York where a 38-year-old transition coordinator was recently ordered to take paid leave after he was arrested for possession of cocaine.A police report indicates that the man, whose job it is to help students through their high school to college transitions, was arrested after officers found him unconscious in his car. They say a call came in to report that two teens allegedly saw him passed out in the vehicle with the engine running. They claimed the man was behind [...]

Misdemeanor drug charges leads to paid leave for school employee2018-06-27T00:00:00+00:00

When surgery doesn’t turn out as expected because of human error

There's no denying the fact that many people in New York benefit from surgery when it contributes to improvements with mobility, pain management and overall quality of life. However, there are times when certain issues or signs of a problem are overlooked. An article in the journal Arthroplasty Today discusses a few situations involving patients who had a total knee arthroplasty, or TKA, a procedure involving the removal of damaged bone and cartilage and the insertion of an artificial knee joint.The surgical errors pertaining to the TKA patients involved the popliteal artery in the knee and back of the leg. With both cases, a special type of ultrasound detected overlooked damage in the popliteal area. In one instance, the patient reported pain shortly after surgery, and the problem was detected [...]

When surgery doesn’t turn out as expected because of human error2018-06-26T00:00:00+00:00

How much is a worker worth to the employer?

New York workers expect their employers to provide them with safe work environments. Many companies boast that worker safety is a top priority. It pays for businesses to keep their workers safe, because worker injuries and deaths cost companies money. But according to experts, some companies don't do all they can to ensure worker safety, and unsafe practices continue.The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that for employers, a worker's life is worth about $1 million, including legal costs, workers' compensation, medical and other costs that arise from injuries and fatalities. Actual costs after a workplace accident vary, but it can be said that each worker's life is very valuable to the employer.The Occupational Safety and Health Administration issues citations and sometimes fines to companies that violate safety regulations. [...]

How much is a worker worth to the employer?2018-06-22T00:00:00+00:00

When will a motorist face problem driver restrictions?

Many people in New York will go to occasions this summer where alcohol is served. After all, summer is a popular time for block parties, weddings and one cannot forget the Fourth of July and Labor Day holidays. Unfortunately, after attending such celebrations, some people may be charged and convicted of driving under the influence.When a person has been convicted on drunk driving charges multiple times, the penalties they face are stiff. For example, if a person has multiple DUIs on their records, and their license to drive has subsequently been revoked for a reason that is not even related alcohol, upon relicensing they still may face problem driver restrictions. Such restrictions could have a major impact on a person's life.Problem driver restrictions limits when and where a person may [...]

When will a motorist face problem driver restrictions?2018-06-21T00:00:00+00:00

Drug charges: Bronx driver faces possession charges and more

Criminal charges or accusations after an encounter with a law enforcement officer is a frightening experience for anyone. An arrest is a serious matter, and seeking legal counsel as soon as possible might prevent a conviction. A 26-year-old Bronx man was arrested recently, and he now faces drug charges along with other misdemeanor and felony charges.According to court documents, the New York State Police pulled the man over at around 2 a.m. on a recent Tuesday. Troopers allege they observed the man committing an unspecified traffic violation while he was driving along Interstate 84, and they conducted a vehicle stop. They say the driver's license had been suspended on at least three previous occasions.Further allegations state that troopers found three oxycodone tablets in the driver's possession along with an illegal [...]

Drug charges: Bronx driver faces possession charges and more2018-06-21T00:00:00+00:00

Construction workers’ accidents: Truck shatters worker’s leg

A New York father with two children in college is facing at least four months of recovery before he can return to work. In the meantime, his lost wages and the mounting medical bills are causing concern. Construction workers' accidents often leave injured victims facing financial hardship. This man was struck by a hit-and-run driver while working in a construction zone on Staten Island.Reportedly, the incident occurred on a Wednesday afternoon while the worker was directing trucks at the entrance to a construction yard. Authorities say a trailer that was attached to a pickup truck struck the worker from behind, causing him to fall over, and the truck then went over his leg. The construction worker says he suffered multiple abrasions and three fractures in his leg, which is now [...]

Construction workers’ accidents: Truck shatters worker’s leg2018-06-20T00:00:00+00:00

Workplace safety: The hazards of washing skyscraper windows

Window washers in New York have some of the scariest jobs there are. Nevertheless, the skyscraper window washers seem quite happy to be working on scaffolds that are suspended hundreds of feet off the ground. The city's department of labor and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration have strict regulations when it comes to workplace safety for window washers. It starts with thorough inspections of the scaffold and its rope-descent systems before the start of any job.Every window washer must receive specialized training, and he or she must be attached to a lifeline that will arrest a fall, and it must meet specific standards. The tools the workers use must have lanyards that are tied onto the cart to protect people below from being struck by falling objects. Furthermore, no [...]

Workplace safety: The hazards of washing skyscraper windows2018-06-12T00:00:00+00:00

Preventing slips, trips and falls in the workplace

New York employees face serious slip, trip and fall risks every time they step into their workplace. Hundreds of workers die from these types of preventable accidents every year. In 2014, for example, 660 workers died after they fell from height while another 138 died after falling on the same level.Falls from height are a common risk found in the construction industry or in workplaces where an employee may be required to work above another level. Because these types of accidents can be so dangerous, there are certain steps that employers and employees are recommended to take before starting a project. This includes conducting a job hazard analysis and completing a fall prevention plan before getting started. Employees should also be taught how to use the proper fall protection equipment [...]

Preventing slips, trips and falls in the workplace2018-06-12T00:00:00+00:00

Drunk driving charges and the right to refuse roadside testing

Drivers in New York may be unsure about their legal rights when they are pulled off the road by law enforcement. Nobody wants to face drunk driving charges, but what will happen if a driver refuses to submit to a field sobriety test? Refusing a blood or breath test might lead to losing driving privileges, but will the same apply to a field sobriety test?It is lawful to refuse any test if the officer does not have a warrant. However, when a driver obtains a driver's license, implied consent laws allow the administrative suspension of the license if the holder refuses to take a Breathalyzer or a blood test. Implied consent does not apply for field sobriety tests, and no penalties for such refusal are mandated.However, officers can quickly obtain [...]

Drunk driving charges and the right to refuse roadside testing2018-06-12T00:00:00+00:00
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