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How can our attorneys help fight against drug charges?

If one faces drug charges, like possession or distribution of an illegal substance in New York, one could face years in prison, if convicted. The severity of the consequences will often depend on the quantity, the type of drugs and what one intended to do with those drugs. Prosecutors will do everything in their power to get the harshest sentence possible, even if the accused did not do the crime. Fortunately, the attorneys at Braunfotel & Frendel, LLC, are on the side of the accused and can help defend against charges.We are focused on making sure that our clients receive the lightest sentence possible. We will thoroughly evaluate the case and collect as much evidence as possible before deciding the next steps. In some cases, we will see that the [...]

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Six common causes of car accidents

In 2016, more than 40,000 people died in car accidents around the country. Traffic fatalities are on the rise, so New York drivers might be more likely to be involved in a deadly motor vehicle accident than in previous years. Many crashes have a few common causes. For example, drivers drifting out of their lanes causes up to one-third of all motor vehicle accidents.Between 23 and 30 percent of accidents involve one car rear-ending another. This often happens because one driver is following another car too closely. Driving while sleepy accounts for 21 percent of deadly car accidents and 7 percent of all crashes. Experts say people do a poor job of gauging how tired they are before getting behind the wheel.About 12 percent of crashes happen because a person [...]

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What can one expect if they were charged with identity theft?

Identity theft is a growing problem, with many people taking advantage of how easy it is to access someone's personal information. In many cases, a person will be charged with identity theft, if they are accused of using someone else's name, credit card number or Social Security number to make purchases or obtain employment.If one has been charged with identity theft, it will be the prosecution's job to prove that they committed the crimes. Typically, they will have to prove that one obtained someone else's personal information with the intent to defraud someone or fraudulently use the information for their own gain. Even if one has yet to buy anything or use the information in any way, just obtaining it with the intent to use it may be enough to [...]

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What victims of durotomy should know before filing a claim

A study published in a peer-reviewed medical journal has analyzed 48 medical malpractice cases involving a condition called durotomy. It is a tear in the spine's outer membrane, usually made after spinal surgery and capable of forming long-term issues if not recognized and treated right away. New York residents who have suffered from dural tears should know what the study has to say about their chances of receiving compensation.The authors of the study make it clear that the plaintiffs were half male and half female, that their average age was 55, and that their allegations ranged from delayed diagnosis and treatment to the reopening of dural tears after repairs. Injuries included physical weakness in 60 percent of the victims and conditions like brain damage and paralysis in 20 percent, with [...]

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Extent of safety hazards in meat and poultry plants not known

When people sit down to a meal in New York, they might be unaware of the problems faced by workers in meat and poultry plants. Clear details about their working conditions remain difficult to document because workers are afraid to make complaints to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Workers that speak with inspectors expect to lose their jobs if they say anything negative about their employers.A study recently published by the U.S. Government Accountability Office reported disturbing findings after speaking with meat and poultry plant workers across five states. According to employee interviews, supervisors routinely denied workers restroom breaks. People reported that some workers choose to wear diapers because they cannot take bathroom breaks. Interviewees also expressed dissatisfaction with on-site medical care at the processing plants.According to the study, [...]

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Teen driver charged with DWI after accident

Most law enforcement officers will tell you that one of the worst things you can do after an accident is flee the scene, particularly if there is an injury. A New York teen was recently arrested for a felony DWI after an accident that left a 14-year-old girl unconscious.The 18-year-old teen reportedly lost control of his car and crashed his vehicle into a tree near a highway exit, before leaving the scene of the crash. The passenger was left seriously injured and unconscious, and was later taken to the hospital for treatment.Shortly thereafter, police tracked down the teen driver by searching a nearby area. The teen is now facing multiple criminal charges including DWI, aggravated DWI with a child passenger under 15 years old, leaving the scene of an accident [...]

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New York man settles false arrest claim after DUI arrest

Even an innocent person can end up facing serious legal consequences. And, even New York City residents may be arrested when they did not commit the crime they are accused of committing.For example, recently, one New Yorker spent five months in jail for a DUI. He filed a claim alleging that the police falsely arrested and detained him.The man asserted claims of racially motivated misconduct, unlawful seizure, due process and Civil Rights Act violations, conspiracy to interfere with civil rights and denial of equal rights. According to the parties' settlement agreement, the man will receive $150,000, and the police will not have to admit fault.The incident occurred when the man was driving in a neighboring state and was stopped by police on his way to his mother's house. The police [...]

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Imaging software can help doctors detect pneumonia

New York patients who have had pneumonia at some point in their lives may be interested to learn that imaging software can help doctors diagnose pneumonia with greater accuracy. This artificial intelligence-powered imaging software, which was designed by scientists at Stanford University, processes images using a specific set of parameters.To use the program, which has been named CheXnet, doctors input X-rays of the lungs. The software provides a numeric probability that the lungs in the X-ray have been infected with pneumonia. The software also provides a colored readout that shows areas of the lungs that have more of the pneumonia infection. Doctors can use this information to determine the appropriate steps to treat the illness. In studies, it was shown that the imaging software beat other programs in accuracy after [...]

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