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What is larceny?

In New York, and a number of other states, larceny is a term used to refer to the crime of common theft. While robbery and burglary are forms of property theft, larceny is its own separate crime. Petty larceny refers to smaller property thefts with property valued at $1,000 or less and can result in up to one year in jail. Grand larceny, on the other hand, involves the theft of higher value items and can result in anywhere from one to 25 years in prison, depending on the value of the item. Typically, stealing items ranging from $1,000 to $3,000 will result in a 4th degree felony, whereas stealing items worth $1 million or more will result in a 1st degree felony.If you were arrested and charged with larceny, [...]

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The most likely places for vehicle accidents

Drivers in New York should know that there is no failsafe way to avoid getting in a motor vehicle accident. However, there is data that shows such accidents are more likely to occur at certain times and places.While road trips present their own share of accident risks, drivers are more likely to get into an accident near their homes. In fact, motor vehicle accidents tend to occur no more than 25 miles from a driver's home. Factors such as the relaxation one experiences when driving in their neighborhood have a significant role in the accidents.Driving through familiar areas can result in drivers using their muscle memory rather than their active driving skills, which would make them less inclined to be on guard while driving. One example of this is drivers [...]

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Former Mets player arrested for DUI

Police officers go to extremes to make sure that people do not drive while intoxicated. However, not all drivers facing DUI charges are guilty. Former New York Mets player and current minor league manager, Jesus Feliciano, was arrested under suspicion of driving under the influence, but is contending that he was wrongfully arrested.Feliciano was allegedly operating a vehicle that was weaving on the interstate. The police pulled Feliciano over after he exited on to a city street and arrested him for drunk driving. The arrest occurred the night before Game 1 of the league championship series for Feliciano's minor league team, Emeralds of the Northwest League.Feliciano's attorneys stated that Feliciano submitted to an intoxilyzer and blew a 0.0. Feliciano maintains that he was wrongfully arrested and intends to prove his [...]

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Most drivers believe texting while driving should be illegal

New York drivers may be interested to learn that, although the majority believe that distracted driving should be illegal, about one-third are still confident in their abilities to multitask while behind the wheel. According to a study by Progressive Insurance, there was a major difference in confidence levels between drivers of different ages and drivers of different genders.The study found that 64 percent of those between the ages of 18 and 34 believed that using smartphones for either texting while driving or surfing the net was a common cause of accidents. Even so, 62 percent of the drivers in this age group were confident in their ability to text and drive. Comparatively, only 6 percent of drivers who were 55 or older were confident in their skills to text and [...]

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Our criminal defense attorneys are available to assist you

Police officers everywhere are cracking down on crime. Whether it be drug possession or assault and battery, all criminal charges can lead to serious consequences and should be taken seriously. If you have been charged with a crime, you need a knowledgeable New York attorney to handle your case and get you the best results possible. The attorneys at Braunfotel & Frendel LLC are experts at criminal defense and can help you with your case.Criminal cases often rest on two things: the prosecution's ability to prove your guilt and our ability as your defense attorneys to poke holes in the prosecution's theory. In order to prepare our defense strategy, our experienced team will anticipate the prosecution's strategy and find ways to dispute their arguments. For example, if the prosecution is [...]

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Driving safely in the fall

Readers from the New York area may have some understandable concerns about driving in the fall. While fall can indeed be a beautiful time of year, there are also a number of potential hazards associated with the season that are worth knowing more about. Recognizing some of these challenges in advance is an important part of ensuring one's safety on the roads.Weather conditions can be highly irregular in the fall, and rapidly changing temperatures can have a negative impact on tire pressure levels. For this reason, it's important to routinely monitor one's tires to avoid incurring unnecessary damage. In addition, frost may create slippery conditions that necessitate more cautious driving than usual. Being more careful when slowing for traffic lights and perhaps even leaving home a little earlier can be [...]

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Three New Yorkers charged for using counterfeit money and theft

When many people think of theft crimes, they picture someone breaking into a store or home and taking items that do not belong to them. They may not think of all the intricacies of these alleged thefts. For example, three New Yorkers allegedly used counterfeit money to pay for multiple items from Home Depot. These people were spotted on surveillance camera footage for walking out of the store with nearly $1,500 worth of multiple drill kits.One of the three people supposedly returned to the store three days later and paid for a nearly $400 fuel kit and a $299 brush kit with nine $100 bills. Loss prevention officers recognized the man and called police. When police approached the man, he was close to his vehicle where the other two people [...]

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How collision avoidance systems reduce injuries

Collision avoidance systems reduce the risk of injury accidents, but too few vehicles have them installed. These were among the findings of several different studies that examined 2015 data. Some of the drivers in New York and throughout the country who do have lane departure warning systems and blind spots alerts might also be turning off the alerts if they come in the form of a beep, which annoys some drivers, instead of a seat vibration.The vice president for research at the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety examined data on cars with the safety systems installed and looked at more than 5,000 accidents. She found that in vehicles that had the safety systems, there were 11 percent fewer single-vehicle accidents or accidents caused by side swipes or head-on collisions. Injury [...]

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