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Second-degree robbery includes carjacking

Stealing a car by threatening or assaulting the driver is popularly known as carjacking. In New York carjacking is charged as robbery in the second degree.New York Code section 160.10 provides that a person commits second-degree robbery if he or she steals a motor vehicle by force. Second-degree robbery also occurs if an individual steals property by force and is helped by a second individual who is present at the crime; or if in the course of committing the crime or fleeing therefrom, he or she injures another person or displays a firearm. Second-degree robbery is a class C felony in New York.Second-degree robbery is a serious crime with serious consequences. A conviction can result in a lengthy prison sentence. The prosecution will make every effort to obtain a conviction. [...]

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STAR robot performs surgery as doctors observe

In March 2016, a research team reported the first successful instance of a robot performing a delicate surgical procedure better than humans could. In the experiment, which researchers claimed was a prelude to potential clinical trials, the robot, known as STAR, or Smart-Tissue Autonomous Robot, was able to suture together a pig's bowel during an open surgery. Although STAR's lead researcher said the technology still has flaws that need ironing out, he envisions a world where robotic surgeons are commonplace in New York and other states.The procedure involved the manipulation of soft tissues, so the researchers said the test also demonstrated their ability to effectively represent and track malleable flesh. In the past, robots have performed well with hard tissue due to its stability, but STAR's robot arm was able [...]

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Self-driving cars and the insurance industry

In the future, people in New York who own self-driving cars may have different auto insurance plans than the ones that exist today. The technology companies that are developing these cars say that they will be much safer than cars driven by humans, but the insurance industry is unlikely to go away. Instead, it may change just as self-driving cars may change other industries.The auto insurance industry might end up working closely with technology companies to develop standards. Another alternative is that technology companies may offer their own insurance. However, this might lead to car owners having less freedom. Cars could be programmed to avoid neighborhoods the company has deemed dangerous.Insurance companies may move into assessing small risks and assigning micro-premiums to cover them. An autonomous car might note when [...]

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How does New York law define conspiracy?

While some New Yorkers may be tempted at one time or another to break the law, they do what is right and do not do so. However, sometimes it is possible to commit a crime via conspiracy, even if it wasn't you that committed the actual crime itself.Conspiracy charges in New York range from sixth-degree to first-degree conspiracy. Under New York law, an individual may be charged with sixth-degree conspiracy if he or she agrees with at least one or more individuals to commit a crime. An individual may be charged with first-degree conspiracy if her or she agrees with at least one person under age 16 to commit a class A felony. However, an individual in New York cannot be convicted of the crime of conspiracy unless some sort [...]

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Medical errors a leading cause of death

New York residents may be dismayed when they learn that in the United States, medical error is the third-largest cause of deaths, although the number is not counted among the national statistics that determine priorities for funding research. Statistically, third place is held by chronic lower respiratory disease with only cancer and heart disease more likely culprits. The reason is that there is no billing code for medical error. As a result, such errors are attributed to other causes.A study published in a medical journal found that more than 250,000 people die each year as a result of medical error, although some observers believe that the number is far higher. The study was conducted by researchers at the John Hopkins University School of Medicine who examined studies of death rate [...]

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Pomona man allegedly bribed police to obtain, sell gun licenses

There are many reasons a person may be legally barred from purchasing a firearm in New York. While it may not seem fair to some New City residents, it is the law. However, one man has allegedly tried to circumvent those laws through bribery.According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, a Pomona man allegedly ran a scheme in which he would pay bribes to obtain firearms licenses from the New York Police Department. He would then sell the licenses to those who otherwise couldn't legally purchase them. He allegedly sold the licenses for as much as $18,000 each.Prosecutors claim that the man spent nearly every day at the NYPD. When he had no more contacts for his scheme, he offered a License Division officer $6,000 per gun license. The prosecution [...]

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How to deal with hydrocarbon spills

Some New York employers as well as their workers may grapple with a solution for containing hydrocarbon spills in a safe and environmentally sustainable way. Outdoor equipment tends to create drips and leaks that can create a slip and fall hazard, and some work sites find that they have no good way of dealing with them. One solution is to use buckets to collect the spillage, but this requires monitoring and disposal. Those same buckets also collect precipitation, and when they spill over, the hydrocarbons that have risen to the top create another fall danger as well as being toxic to the environment.A better solution is absorbent pads. These can be placed quickly and are safe for workers to walk on, but they can be a problem if precipitation is [...]

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