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How does a criminal trial proceed in New York?

Being charged with a crime is undoubtedly a frightening and confusing experience. Those accused of a crime may have many questions about what will happen to them. This post will attempt to explain, in general, how the criminal trial process works in New York.First, the jurors will enter the courtroom. They will be asked whether they can be fair and impartial and, if they cannot, they may not serve as a juror. Also, the defense and the prosecution can object to a juror under certain circumstances. After the required number of jurors has been reached, they will be sworn in. The judge will then inform them about how the trial will proceed, basic legal principals and what their duty is as a juror.After that, an opening statement will be made [...]

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Mistakes frequently made in hospitals

Most New Yorkers who are admitted to a hospital assume that they will get better thanks to the treatment they will receive. However, for a large number of patients, a stay in the hospital results in worsening or additional medical problems. Things like surgical errors and being given the wrong medication or an incorrect dosage of the right medication can have a negative impact on someone's health.Data shows that medical mistakes made in hospitals are the third leading cause of death in the country, trailing only heart disease and cancer. Along with surgical and medication issues, people may also be harmed due to a fall or develop an infection while in the hospital. Individuals may also end up having to return to a hospital if they are discharged too early [...]

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Helping individuals facing domestic assault charges

All couples in New City have fights from time to time. While some of these arguments simply involve verbal slurs and insults hurled between the individuals, some fights become more heated. Unfortunately, sometimes physical altercations occur between two angry individuals. When this happens, one or both individuals may be charged with domestic assault.Domestic assault can occur between a married couple or an unmarried couple in a romantic relationship, among others. There are various types of actions that could be considered domestic abuse. This includes striking an individual, biting an individual, punching an individual or pushing an individual. Basically any form of violence against a person you are in a relationship with can result in domestic assault charges.Someone who claims they were the victim of domestic assault may seek a protection [...]

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New AI technology may detect heart disease early

New York residents may eventually have their heart disease diagnosed long before any dangerous events such as heart attacks take place. Researchers have been using electronic medical records, GPUs and artificial intelligence to predict heart failure up to nine months earlier than doctors are able to do so.Approximately 6 million Americans have heart failure annually. Earlier detection would mean that doctors could prescribe medicine or suggest lifestyle changes that could delay or prevent the disease.The research team consists of scientists at the Northern California-based Sutter Health and at the Georgia Institute of Technology. The project required computers to do complex analysis of records such as prescriptions or summaries of doctor visits that were in varied formats as well as tracking patient records over time. This required teaching the machines to [...]

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When can an individual be accused of robbery in New York?

Cops and robbers" might be a fun game that children in New City playRobbery, under New York law, basically comes down to forcible stealing. What is considered to be forcible stealing? Forcible stealing occurs when a person is in the act of committing a larceny and threatens another individual with immediate physical force in order to keep the person from resisting the theft or to force the individual to give up the property.Robbery comes in various degrees. For example, third-degree robbery takes place when in fact the accused actually and forcibly takes the property of another. Compare that to second-degree robbery. Second-degree robbery takes place when the accused actually and forcibly takes the property of another in a number of specific circumstances. One is if the accused commits robbery with [...]

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High rates of TBIs for construction workers

Construction workers in New York and throughout the country continue to suffer from high rates of fatal traumatic brain injuries compared to other occupations, according to a study by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. The report, which was published in the American Journal of Industrial MedicineMore than 50 percent of traumatic injuries happened due to falls during the period studied. Many were falls from heights including scaffolds and ladders. Workers 65 and older were at the greatest risk, and their fatal traumatic brain injury rate was four times higher than that of workers ages 25 to 34. Larger companies appeared to be safer than smaller ones, and companies that had fewer than 20 employees reported more than twice as many fatal brain injuries than those with more [...]

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Workers with sleep apnea more likely to be injured on job

Workers who suffer from sleep apnea could be more prone to being injured on the job, according to a study by researchers in British Columbia. As a result of their findings, they believe workers in high-risk jobs in New York and elsewhere should be tested for the sleep disorder as a safety precaution.People with sleep apnea wake from sleep repeatedly as they gasp for breath or snore due to a blockage of their airway, often leaving them feeling fatigued during the day. According to the American Sleep Apnea Association, around 22 million Americans have the disorder, but the majority are unaware of it.Researchers studied the workplace injury rates of 1,236 people who were screened for sleep apnea at a British Columbia sleep clinic between 2003 and 2011. Of those screened, [...]

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Clarkstown police searching for alleged burglar

Sometimes individuals in New City are accused of the crime of burglary, but it can be difficult to discern what this crime really means. In the end, there are numerous instances that could be construed as a burglary. However, one should not paint with a broad brush and accuse individuals of burglary when in fact that person did not commit any illegal acts.Police in Clarkstown are looking for an individual they think committed a burglary. The reported incident took place at Keepers Self-Storage. A video camera reportedly recorded an individual using a propane torch and a bolt cutter to get into three different storage units. The video recording also seems to depict the individual taking away a large trash bag. There is no information regarding what the bag may have [...]

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What are some examples of drugged driving in New York?

Many New York residents are familiar with the problems caused by drunk driving, but they may be surprised to hear that drugged driving can also lead to an arrest. Certain drugs, whether they are illegal narcotics, perfectly legal prescriptions or over-the-counter medicines can all cause different effects to an individual's brain.For example, let's examine marijuana. According to some, the use of this drug can delay a driver's reaction time and coordination. It could also affect the driver's ability judge distance and time while driving. This could lead to a motor vehicle accident.In addition, illegal drugs such as methamphetamine or cocaine may also have a significant effect on a person's brain, according to some. For example, those who use such drugs may drive recklessly or aggressively. This can also cause a [...]

What are some examples of drugged driving in New York?2016-04-01T00:00:00+00:00
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