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Drunk driving or diabetic attack?

Police on the streets of New City, New York, are always on the lookout for those they believe are committing a crime, and one of the most dangerous crimes one could commit while behind the wheel of a car is drunk driving. However, when it comes to pulling over an allegedly drunk driver, things may not always be what they seem. For example, some of the symptoms of diabetes could be very similar to those exhibited by a drunk driver.Many drivers in New York and across the nation have diabetes - as many as 15 to 20 percent, according to some sources. Sometimes, a diabetic's blood sugar level drops dramatically. This could cause the diabetic to exhibit certain symptoms, such as being confused, uncoordinated, weak, slurring when they talk, having [...]

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Medication errors: another form of medical malpractice

Ordinarily when people hear or read about an incident of medical malpractice it is in the setting of a doctor's office or a hospital. Which is understandable, given that many kinds of medical mistakes that can happen at these locations, like a misdiagnosis or a surgical error. Based on this perception, if you have visited a hospital for a medical procedure and have returned home without experiencing any problems you may think that you are out of the medical malpractice danger zone. But that belief may be premature.The system of healthcare in New York actually extends to other locations beyond where you would encounter doctors and surgeons. It also encompasses some locations that are not dedicated solely to medical treatment, such as pharmacy departments at retail stores. Medical malpractice can [...]

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What items may be considered drug paraphernalia in New York?

There are many types of crimes that are associated with drugs in New York. One type of drug crime a person in New York may be accused of committing is the possession of drug paraphernalia. It is important to understand what types of items may be considered drug paraphernalia, so one can fight such charges in court if need be.There are various types of items that may fall under the umbrella category of drug paraphernalia. For example, certain types of pipes or scales may be considered drug paraphernalia. Another item that may be considered drug paraphernalia is a syringe. In addition, if an item is used in the preparation of an illegal substance or in the inhalation, ingestion or injection of an illegal substance, that item may be considered drug [...]

What items may be considered drug paraphernalia in New York?2015-05-21T00:00:00+00:00

What are the elements of a premises liability claim?

This post offers only an overview of premises liability law. You should not construe it as legal advice. If you have been injured on the property of another, you should communicate with a New York personal injury attorney to learn more about what remedies may be available to you.In many situations if you are on the property of another lawfully (that is, with at least the knowledge if not the permission of the property owner), if you suffer an injury while you are there you may be entitled to compensation on the basis of premises liability, which many know colloquially as slip and fall" liability."To effectively establish a premises liability claim, you must be able to prove all of its elements. These include the following:Premises liability is a species of [...]

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Dealing with white collar crime accusations in New City

Running a successful business can be hard work, but it can also be a part of the American dream for many in New City, New York. When allegations of white-collar crimes surface, claiming a person committed computer fraud, embezzlement financial crime or business crime, a person's very livelihood could be put at risk. While such allegations can have an immediate effect on a person's life, the future ramifications could be disastrous.White-collar crimes, like any other type of crime, can come with severe consequences if a person is convicted. The person may be required to pay both fines and restitution, leaving that person financially drained. In addition, that person may have strict parole conditions that they must follow, making it difficult to go about their daily business. In addition, the damage [...]

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If I am injured in a car accident, how long do I have to sue?

Negligence laws are designed to protect people from distracted drivers who are texting and driving, drunk drivers who are unable to stay in their lane of travel and the driver who is in a too much of a hurry to obey a stop sign. A person injured in any of these and other negligent driver situations might have a right to sue for compensation for the serious injury suffered in an auto accident.The right to sue for compensation does not, however, last forever. New York places restrictions on the amount of time that an injured car accident victim has within which to file a lawsuit against a negligent driver. This restriction is known as the statute of limitations.Different statutes of limitations exist for the various types of lawsuits that can [...]

If I am injured in a car accident, how long do I have to sue?2015-05-14T00:00:00+00:00

Two men accused of using counterfeit currency in New York

It is an unfortunate fact that counterfeit currency is present in New York. A person may even unknowingly pass it on when purchasing goods. However, sometimes a person is accused of intentionally trying to use counterfeit money, leading to criminal charges.Two men are accused of passing counterfeit currency by the Clarkstown Police Department. The alleged incidents were not related to one another, according to police. Police claim each man separately tried to pass $100 bills, which police claim were counterfeited.One case reportedly took place in West Nyack at the Palisades Mall Lego Store and at the Gourmet Gardens in Nanuet. A 17-year-old man reportedly tried to use the bills at both locations. He is facing felony possession charges of a forged instrument.Then, in what was allegedly a separate incident, a [...]

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Driver indicted for allegedly causing bus crash that hurt 26

A 37-year-old New York man has been indicted on charges stemming from a drunk driving crash on Interstate 81 that injured 26 bus passengers in November 2014. He faces up to 25 years in prison.Authorities allege the defendant was impaired on Nov. 6 when he lost control of his car while traveling south on I-81 between I-481 and Onondaga Nation, spinning it sideways. He is then accused of leaving his disabled vehicle in the roadway and walking away from the scene. Soon after, a Pine Hill Trailways bus crashed while trying to avoid a collision with the abandoned car. All 26 people aboard the bus suffered injuries in the accident.The defendant, who was found a short distance from the crash scene, told police he consumed two glasses of wine the [...]

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