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New York man accused of drunk driving after fatal accident

Car accidents can be devastating when someone dies, and when this happens some people in New York may be eager to point the finger at the individual they think is responsible for the crash, even before a trial commences. Unfortunately, this may be the case for one man who has been accused of drunk driving in a fatal accident in Smithtown, New York.The 54-year-old man was reportedly heading northbound when his vehicle collided with a second vehicle traveling westbound. The 45-year-old driver of the westbound vehicle was transported to an area hospital where she was pronounced dead. The man has since been charged with driving while intoxicated.While the specifics regarding this man's arrest have not been disclosed, in general a drunk driving arrest can be contested in court. If the [...]

New York man accused of drunk driving after fatal accident2014-06-27T00:00:00+00:00

Auto accident at deli causes injuries to 6 people

The start of a Friday morning ended with a catastrophic outcome. An auto accident occurred on our New York roadways involving a truck slamming into a deli. The incident caused injuries to at least 6 people.Employees at a family-run deli were working the graveyard shift. According to reports, the accident ensued when a driver ran a red light. The driver of a recycling truck swerved in an attempt to avoid the vehicle, and afterward, the truck crashed into the deli, causing an extensive amount of damage. Workers, who were behind the cash register, were fortunately on the opposite side from where the collision occurred. A family member of the business happened to be sleeping upstairs and was awakened when the building started to shake.Rescue crews arrived at the scene and [...]

Auto accident at deli causes injuries to 6 people2014-06-27T00:00:00+00:00

Man faces multiple criminal charges related to drunk driving

In New York, should a person's blood alcohol content level be 0.08 or higher, they could be charged with driving under the influence. However, there are ways a person could fight such charges to protect their innocence.A 32-year-old Long Island man has been accused of drunk driving while a friend and her son, age 11, were in the vehicle with him. The man allegedly was unable to maintain his lane on the Sunrise Highway, prompting police officials to pull him over. According to police, the man was drunk. He now faces several charges, including endangering the welfare of a child and aggravated unlicensed operation. He was also charged with violating Leandra's LawDrunk driving is a serious offense. However, someone accused of drunk driving still has rights. They have the right [...]

Man faces multiple criminal charges related to drunk driving2014-06-20T00:00:00+00:00

Auto accident at New York gas station causes explosion

A recent routine trip to a gas station turned into a fiery explosion. A motorist was allegedly experiencing a diabetic shock when he crashed into a pump and another vehicle at a New York gas station. After the auto accident, an officer was able to rescue the driver just moments before the vehicle exploded.Reportedly, an officer was in the midst of pumping gas when, all of a sudden, he observed a vehicle come into the parking lot at an excessive rate of speed. Afterward, the driver crashed into an Acura sedan and then into a gas pump. The pump reportedly fell and landed on top of the officer who ended up on the ground. Fortunately, the officer was able to escape from underneath the pump and rendered aid to the [...]

Auto accident at New York gas station causes explosion2014-06-19T00:00:00+00:00

New York auto accident results in fire

A medical condition may have played a role in a recent accident. A 70-year-old male driver was in the middle of a medical crisis when two vehicles caught on fire in an auto accident. Three people were injured, and they were taken to a New York area hospital for non life-threatening injuries.Authorities indicate that a man who was headed in the southbound direction was experiencing a diabetic shock when he drove into a gas station. He plowed into another vehicle and a gas pump, which resulted in two vehicles going up in flames. The three victims were taken to the hospital for treatment of unknown injuries. One woman who was involved in the accident had a dog with her that was hit by a vehicle during the incident.The accident resulted [...]

New York auto accident results in fire2014-06-12T00:00:00+00:00

Man nicknamed Gatsby Bandit” charged with robbery”

When a series of crimes allegedly takes place in New York, the media can be quick to sensationalize the entire incident, nicknaming the alleged perpetrators and, in some cases, over-exaggerating the severity of the offenses. That is why one should keep in mind that not everything on television is what it appears to be.A man coined the Gatsby Bandit" has been charged in relation to a series of bank robberies in Queens. The New York Police Department along with the Federal Bureau of Investigation apprehended the man following a call from a woman who claims to have recognized the man after seeing footage of him on the news. The man - who earned his nickname because of the Gatsby hat he allegedly wore when he committed the crimes - is [...]

Man nicknamed Gatsby Bandit” charged with robbery”2014-06-12T00:00:00+00:00

Suspect arrested after New York officer killed in auto accident

A community is mourning the death of a state trooper. The New York state trooper was recently killed as the result of a deadly auto accident. Reports indicate that the other motorist may have struck the officer on purpose and the man is now being charged with first-degree murder.The incident occurred on a recent Thursday along the interstate. The state trooper was conducting a routine traffic stop of a motorist who was speeding. While the officer was out of his vehicle, the driver of a Toyota pickup truck moved from the passing lane into the driving lane where the officer was standing. The vehicle slammed into the officer and instantly killed him. Reportedly, prior to the suspect striking the officer, he had sideswiped two other vehicles.The suspect fled the area [...]

Suspect arrested after New York officer killed in auto accident2014-06-06T00:00:00+00:00

New York man accused of sexual assault

Allegations of sex crimes can be especially onerous, due to the perverse nature of the crimes. Even mere accusations can have a significantly negative effect on the accused's life.A 19-year-old Brooklyn man has recently been accused of sexually assaulting a 22-year-old woman. The incident allegedly took place at approximately 1:00 in the morning. According to police, the man allegedly followed the woman and then dragged her between two vehicles and sexually assaulted her. He also allegedly brandished a gun during the incident. After allegedly committing the assault, the accused reportedly fled the scene of the act. The woman was treated at a local hospital. The man has since been charged with a felony criminal sex act.Sex acts are taken very seriously in the state of New York. Depending on the [...]

New York man accused of sexual assault2014-06-06T00:00:00+00:00
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