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Hotel security guard charged with arson

The director of security at Yotel hotel in New York has been charged with setting five fires in the building over a two-year period. According to authorities, the 30-year-old man started the small fires in trash bins located in the hallways, emergency exits and stairwells. He is accused of setting the fires with the intention of shutting the hotel down so that he could drink alcohol in his comp room.The man is also being charged with property crimes for three small fires that he allegedly set while employed at another hotel. While working as a security guard at the Soho Grand Hotel, he allegedly set fires between 2009 and 2010. In addition to lightening his workload, authorities have claimed that the accused man desired negative attention be brought to the [...]

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Man hospitalized after New York auto accident

A rare event occurred while commuters were waiting at a bus stop. A 71-year-old man, who just finished his morning breakfast was hit by a truck at a New York bus stop. The auto accident has left the man in critical condition and two others have been injured.The man had walked to the bus stop after having his routine breakfast at a restaurant in the late morning. While waiting at the bus stop, the driver of a truck crashed into a minivan and then slammed right into the bus shelter. The crash caused a business building that was in the area to shake. Most of the people waiting were able to escape harm, but the man was still sitting on the bench and was unable to escape before the collision.According [...]

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New York town arrests five for drug and weapons violations

Police in Poughkeepsie arrested five men after coming to a Days Inn on Haight Avenue to investigate a large volume of people going in and out of one of the rooms. Police say that upon arrival, they discovered $2,700, a pair of handguns and 648 individual bags of heroin. As a result, three men from Poughkeepsie, a man from the City of Newburgh and a man from North Carolina now face drug charges.The police indicted the North Carolina man and the Newburgh man on three charges of criminal possession of weaponry and controlled substances each. All three of the men from Poughkeepsie were indicted on two criminal felony charges for possession of controlled substances and weapons. A police spokesperson also claimed that one of the three was being sought by [...]

New York town arrests five for drug and weapons violations2013-09-18T00:00:00+00:00

New York auto accident leaves students injured

Children were reportedly struck by a vehicle that inadvertently veered off the road and onto the sidewalk. Five children, who are also students at New York area schools, were injured in an accident that occurred while they were on their way to school. No citations have been reported in this auto accident.The crash reportedly occurred on a Thursday morning while a group of students were walking to school. During their morning walk, a male driver was attempting to stop when he accidentally pushed on the gas instead of the brakes. He ran over a parking meter and a sign, then eventually struck the kids. A group of bystanders who witnessed the incident offered assistance and were able to lift the vehicle that was sitting on top of two girls.Witnesses could [...]

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New York auto accident with metro bus

An afternoon commute ended with a serious crash after the driver of a metro city bus crashed into a Chevy. Around 38 people were injured in the auto accident, leaving one in critical condition. The victims were taken to New York area hospitals. At least one person has been arrested in this incident.Authorities indicate that the accident occurred in Brooklyn. Law enforcement officers pulled over the driver of a Chevy after a police vehicle had been struck. Authorities observed that the driver was equipped with a firearm when they approached the vehicle. He reportedly fled the scene and drove in a erratic manner and crashed into multiple vehicles before running a stop sign. The driver of the bus was unable to avoid collision and crashed into the car.When emergency crews [...]

New York auto accident with metro bus2013-09-11T00:00:00+00:00

Multiple charges against 57-year-old New York man

After a man was reportedly carrying a gun in the vicinity of Battle Row Campground in Nassau County, police came to the trailer park to investigate. The individual who called them, a 46-year-old man, said that the accused, a 57-year-old man, had been intimidating him for an unspecified period of time. Months earlier, the accused elderly man had been kicked out of the campground by a manager and told not to come back.Officers from the Second Precinct later discovered the man on Massapequa's Chicago Avenue. He was detained at around 1:20 p.m. on Aug. 31. At that time, police claim that they found cocaine on his person, leading to drug charges in addition to indictments for menacing and trespassing. The man's arraignment was initially scheduled for the first Sunday of [...]

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Contract employees accused of airport theft

On Aug. 28, seven baggage workers in New York were taken into custody for allegedly stealing merchandise worth thousands of dollars out of checked luggage on El Al Airlines over a five-month period. Jewelry, electronics, cell phones and more apparently went missing from the checked baggage. The individuals were accused after a camera hidden in the belly of a 747 supposedly recorded their actions as they looked through baggage and took items. The individuals now face charges of grand larceny and theft.The video covered only flights between Kennedy Airport and Israel. Passengers said they kept valuables in their carry-on, close to their person, to ensure that they wouldn't be a victim of thefts no matter what airline they flew. Reporters spoke to a man who confirmed that a family member [...]

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New York advocate dies in auto accident

Blog readers may remember a man who was in the headlines after being discharged from the army. Back in 2007, he reportedly violated the infamous don't askBack in 2006, the man informed his supervisor that he was indeed homosexual. Shortly afterward, he was shipped off to Iraq in combat. Before he was discharged from the military, he explained at a news conference that he felt he had to live his life true to who he was. Regardless of how anyone feels about the don't askAccording to authorities, the accident occurred on Thursday along the interstate. He allegedly sideswiped another vehicle. He immediately got out of the car to render assistance and attempted to push the vehicle from behind. While pushing, he was struck by an SUV and became trapped in [...]

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