New York law enforcement officials took two men into custody after they allegedly sold prescription drugs to undercover police officer. Both men, residents of Attica, are accused of selling Hydrocodone on two different occasions in the same day. Cash bail for one of the defendants was set at $10,000. However, the other defendant was denied bail.

Police booked the men into the Wyoming County jail after detaining them during a traffic stop. The men were charged with multiple offenses, including fourth degree criminal sale of a controlled substance, fifth degree criminal possession of a controlled substance and fourth degree conspiracy. Each charge is a felony offense.

Both men in this case could benefit from the services of a criminal defense attorney. Because each of the alleged violations the two have been charged with is a felony, a conviction may have very serious consequences and could be punishable by significant jail time and financial penalties. A conviction might also result in a permanent stain on both men’s records, which might result in difficulty finding employment or housing in the future.

However, an attorney might be able to develop a defense strategy after reviewing the evidence involved in the criminal case. The strategy might involve reviewing the procedures followed by officers during the investigation. If the undercover investigation and search of the men’s vehicle breached established protocols and violated the men’s rights, the attorney might argue that the evidence gathered by those two actions should not be permitted in court. This might result in a reduction or dismissal of the charges.

Source: WBTA, Two Attica Men Face Drug Charges”