Most residents of New York City are aware that the creation and use of counterfeit paper currency is a highly illegal activity. Yet, credit cards can also be counterfeited. In fact, 17 individuals from New York have been accused of that very crime.

Police in New York have charged 17 people in what they say was a scheme involving counterfeit credit cards. The charges came after the police used video surveillances, wire tapping and stakeouts to apprehend the individuals they allege committed the crime.

According to the Queens District Attorney, all of the accused knew each other and were between 20 and 28-years-old. The individuals reportedly worked together to create and utilize forged credit cards. They used the allegedly counterfeit cards while shopping at both high-end stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue and lower-end stores such as Target. The district attorney claims that not only were the stores victimized to the tune of thousands of dollars, but other people also suffered from identity theft as a result of the creation of the allegedly counterfeit cards.

As this shows, police will go to great lengths to apprehend those they believed committed crimes such as identity theft and counterfeiting credit cards or other forms of currency. Yet, it is important that police don’t go so far as to use illegal means to make an arrest. For example, there are legal limits to which police are upheld to when it comes to performing a search and seizure. Those who want to learn more about the lengths police officers can go to apprehend an individual may want to do their research to make sure they understand their rights in such situations.

Source: CBS New York, 17 Charged In Queens Counterfeit Credit Card Scheme