Authorities are looking into a recent incident at a construction site in New York that left one person dead and another injured. Two men were reportedly hit by falling debris while working on a demolition project. Following a construction accident like this one, it is normal for those involved, or their surviving family members, to question liability, as well as desire compensation for their losses.

According to reports, at approximately 11:45 a.m., on Feb. 20, first responders were called to a construction site located near Sutphin Blvd. The victims were working on the second floor of the building when it collapsed. A safety supervisor not associated with this project claims that the site had been unsafe. The Buildings Department Commissioner says that her team has begun its investigation and plans to hold those responsible for this tragedy fully accountable.

One of the victims was a 50-year-old male. He was working as a welder to help his daughters pay for college. Sadly, he died at the scene. The identity of the second victim was not disclosed. This individual was rushed to the hospital with unspecified injuries.

Cole Partners Inc. was the company working on this project. It has yet to release a statement on the matter. Only time will tell to what extent this company will be held accountable for the losses suffered by the surviving victim and the family members of the deceased.

Following a construction accident, workers’ compensation is often used to cover a victim’s losses. However, many find the relief offered them not enough. With the assistance of counsel, New York residents who suffer injuries while on the job, or those who have lost loved ones in construction accidents, can take the steps necessary to seek maximum compensation for their losses.